A wedding anniversary tradition

Thursday marked four years since Peter and I stood in front of a couple hundred friends and family members and exchanged wedding vows.

I have to admit, however, it was an uneventful anniversary.

A month or two ago I had grand plans of taking a weekend trip up North, just Peter and I and Corban. Then I remembered this weekend we had a wedding to go to (of course) – two friends we introduced three years ago – how sweet is that? – and had family coming to visit for said wedding. So we haven’t really had a chance to officially celebrate yet.

On our anniversary, Peter’s brother flew into town, I worked until 8 p.m., we picked up pizza from Bellafini’s (really, really good) and watched Mitt Romney accept the Republican nomination for president. Not the most romantic anniversary, but that’s OK.

We did keep up our tradition of exchanging the “traditional” anniversary gifts. For your fourth anniversary, it’s tradition to exchange gifts of silk. I gave Peter a silk tie from Dimitry Ties (a card came with it with their slogan: “A tie without color is like a man without a soul.” WTF?). He gave me a silk scarf.

But our tradition that is most special to me is our anniversary notebook.

On our first anniversary, one of the gifts I gave Peter (as per tradition: paper) was this paperblanks journal. We each write in it once a year, on or around August 30, and record how we celebrated the date, the gifts we exchanged and then – the best part – our takes on the year. This is where we each recall the highlights, lowlights, memories and thoughts from the past year.

We plan on filling the book someday (I made sure there were enough pages for the next 50 years or so). I’m a writer and a journaler and a pen-on-paper person, so it means a lot to me to have these handwritten memories. Peter isn’t always jumping up and down when it comes to writing in it each year, but overall he’s game.

The notebook also has a compartment in the back for little mementos – things like ticket stubs and cards. Just one of many reasons why I love paperblanks journals.

This could also be a cool tradition for kids’ birthdays. Both parents write a letter to the child each year on his birthday, and give the book to him at some point as an adult.

Do you have any anniversary or birthday traditions? If so, please share!