Sunroom switcharoo

We have had a very bright sunroom.

Here’s a closer look at the wall color:

This photo just does not do justice to its bright orange and yellow sponge-painted color scheme.

I’ve been wanting to paint it a paler, solid yellow for a while now. Like, you know, a few years.

Of course, when I actually start to take steps to make this paint job a reality, Peter informs me he cannot bear to part with the beautiful, sunshiny, sponge-painted walls. He likes it.

Our compromise was that I would paint three of the walls and leave the back wall his beloved sponged goodness. An accent wall, if you will. Or, at least, we would see how that looked and if it was horrible, we’d paint over it.

So, with my mom in town to share her wonderful ambition and paint skills, we got to work.

First we had to prime. Then paint.

But when it was all said and done, the pale yellow I had picked out somehow didn’t look yellow at all.

Well, it kind of looked yellow, but compared to that bright yellow/orange wall it seemed more beige.

And, I concluded, it just didn’t work with the accent wall. Peter then concluded that the color just didn’t work, period, and I couldn’t help but agree. It dulled down the room just a tad too much.

So what are we to do, after our compromise fails to appease either party? After spending all afternoon painting a color we now aren’t crazy about?

After cross-examining Peter a bit more, we discovered that it wasn’t so much the orange sponge paint that he liked, but the diversity of having something more than four solid-colored walls. My mom then threw out the brilliant suggestion of wallpaper on the accent wall.

I swore I would never use wallpaper, but after thinking about it, I decided it could be perfect on that wall. A simple, modern design that incorporated some yellow or gold but matched the dull pale yellow walls a bit better could do the trick.

Here’s the only real contender my mom and I found at Sherwin Williams:

I’m not 100% sold on it, but I think I could love that pattern on the wall if it translates how I’m imagining it. Stay tuned to see if I ever get around to wallpapering…


There was one very positive switcharoo in the sunroom that will definitely stick. See if you notice the difference.

The fan! More specifically, the fan blades. Who knew they had a dark finish on the opposite side? We my mom simply removed each blade and flipped it over to reveal the dark side, which I think looks much more sophisticated.

So there’s your 10-minute, no-cost home improvement tip of the week. Switch your fan blades if you like the opposite side’s finish better.