First haircut

And just like that, he went from baby to toddler.


Up until this point, Corban was still a little baby in my eyes. I thought maybe that would change on his first birthday, or when he started walking, or when he weaned from breastfeeding. But it turns out that the first haircut is the true marker of change from baby to little boy.

I had put off the first haircut for so long because I liked his sweet, shaggy wisps. But then it got really, really long. Like, in his eyes all the time — past his eyes and touching his tiny nose. My family nagged me. Several people threatened to cut it when I wasn’t looking. I finally conceded that it needed to be cut, but still put it off for a few more weeks purely out of signature Alison procrastination.

Actually, I had been procrastinating on a haircut for myself too, so on Saturday I booked an appointment for both Corban and I. Yes, my son had his first haircut at an Aveda salon, but the stylist was nice and only charged me $10 for him so I think I got quite a steal.


If you’ve met Corban, this probably goes without saying, but he did great during the haircut. He just hung out, looked around, played with combs, brushes and my iPhone and stared at other patrons. I’m sure he had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t seem to mind being prodded by a stranger.



Although the photo below makes it look like I’m freaking out, I actually was fine during the cut.





It was looking at him afterward that made me (sort of ) freak out. I was NOT prepared for how different he would look at the end! This is partially because we kind of told the stylist to go all out since we didn’t want to book another haircut anytime soon (or have to deal with cutting it ourselves). I spent the rest of the day gushing about how I didn’t recognize my own son.


It’s just that… he’s really a little boy now. The babyness is gone. And that does make me sad. I keep reminding myself that he needed it cut really, really badly. And it will grow back.

Here’s an after of both of us with our new ‘dos. I got a good 3 inches off and it feels sooo good.



I think the haircut really went to his head, because now he’s all like, “Sorry, Mom, we can play later. I’ve gotta take this one.”