Baby #2: 30 weeks pregnant

I’m seriously in denial that I have not only entered my third trimester, but hit the 30-week mark.

This is pretty much the home stretch. It’s doctor’s appointments every two weeks now and I’m feeling every bit of 30 weeks pregnant.

Most people assume I’m so over the heat (it’s actually been in the 90s here in Milwaukee) and that I’m ready for this pregnancy to be over with. Actually, not at all. Maybe if I didn’t spend most of my day in an air conditioned office building I’d be bothered by the heat, but unfortunately I do. I’ve just been taking it easy when outside on the weekends and after work. Drink lots of water. Sit in the shade. It’s not that bad.

And I’m definitely not ready for this baby to come just yet. My due date coincides quite inconveniently with a big project I’m working on at work, so my growing belly is a constant reminder of the time crunch I’m under to get it done. Take your time, child. You have my permission to come a little late, even. But not too late.

Work projects aside, I’m eager to meet this little one. The first few days of Corban’s life were the most amazing days of my life thus far, and I look forward to experiencing that unmatchable joy again. And… boy? Girl? Which will it be? What will he or she be like? How will he/she fit into my heart and into our family? I can’t wait to know the answers to those questions.


Yup. The belly is large. I swear, this happened overnight.

Physical ailments…

I think my feet are starting to swell a bit (last time they got scary swollen near the end), but I can still get my wedding rings off without a problem, so +1 for that.

I have the unfortunate luck this time of being plagued by the dreaded mask of pregnancy, a.k.a. dark spots on my face kind of like sun spots (they get darker in the sun, too). And, yup, on my upper lip. Awesome. And a little on my nose, which isn’t so bad.

On the plus side, my eyes haven’t been as itchy as they were with Baby #1. I do think I’ve developed a mild pregnancy-induced allergy to our cats, though. I thought maybe it was just general pregnancy congestion and sneezing, but it magically went away while we were on vacation for 10 days, and came back as soon as we got home to our kitties. Side note: when I was pregnant with Corban I couldn’t imagine loving any baby more than our fur babies. Now I can’t imagine how I possibly felt that way. The poor cats have fallen far in household hierarchy.

My energy levels were high for all of the second trimester, but not so much anymore. I’ve hit the point in pregnancy where every morning feels like a hangover, and no amount of sleep feels like enough. Getting out of bed is an undertaking, and I usually am short of breath for the first minute or so.

On the positive side…

This baby is active! I enjoy lots of kicks. Fun.

My skin has been much better this time around. It was really bad when I was pregnant with Corban – embarrassingly so. I don’t know if it’s just different hormones or if the fact that I started washing my face with a Clarisonic brush has made a difference, but I am so thankful that I haven’t had too many skin problems with this pregnancy.

My favorite pregnancy side effect this time is that I can go days without washing my hair… and it doesn’t get greasy. It saves so much time in the mornings, only having to wash my hair once every 3-4 days.

In other news…

We went on vacation to Branson, Mo., with Peter’s family over the 4th of July, and I encountered some of my first physical limitations of this pregnancy. We went to Silver Dollar City, a theme park – no roller coasters for me. Also, pushing a stroller around on those hills in the heat is brutal.

One morning Peter and I played 12 games of tennis. Bending down to pick up balls was not much fun, but otherwise it was great. Until the end, when I suddenly felt like I was going to either pass out or throw up.

And I thought nothing of signing up to play on a sand volleyball team in the bi-annual Sherwood family tournament (at their family reunion). Of course I would play. But the day of the tournament was 90+ degrees and sunny and, honestly, I wasn’t disappointed when I was told not to play. Sitting in the shade felt like a killer workout that day.

Time to come to grips with the reality that I can’t do everything I normally can. Although that probably won’t stop me from trying…. (tailgating at two Brewers games this weekend and planning to go camping and canoeing in a couple weeks).

Last pregnancy at this time…

At 30 weeks when I was pregnant with Corban, I had my first baby shower!


I think the bump looks smaller there than my current bump, but that dress can be deceiving.

Last time at this point, I had gained 18.5 pounds. I was up 16 pounds at my appointment last Friday, but I still think I feel bigger this time. Or maybe it’s just the heat.

Pregnancy #2: 24 weeks

That number of weeks just keeps creeping up on me. Soon I’ll be starting the third trimester – I’m not ready for that yet!

On one hand, I am super excited to meet this little one. I know just how amazing it is to hold a tiny newborn – my tiny newborn – and I am looking forward to that day with this baby. I feel more prepared and relaxed about the logistics of taking care of a new baby this time around.

But on the other hand, I have a massive deadline at work not long before my due date (each week that ticks closer to baby’s arrival also counts down to that) and, unrelated, we just haven’t really done much to prepare our house for this transition. That basically means moving our current office into the basement and creating a bedroom for Corban in that room. It’s more daunting than it seems and I’m almost paralyzed as to how to begin the whole process. We’re also finally starting to see some nice weather here after a miserable winter and spring, so it’s hard to focus on that kind of work on the weekends when there’s yardwork, festivals and fun to be had outdoors.

I think it will help to first make a big list of everything that needs to be done, broken down into manageable tasks, and then start chipping away at it on weeknights.

Here’s a pic from last week at a few days past 23 weeks:


Definitely have popped! Here’s my last photo:


Physically, I’ve been feeling relatively good these past few weeks. My energy levels have been high and I haven’t felt too limited by my body. I am starting to notice more of the annoying pregnancy symptoms that I remember from last time, though: itchy eyes, constant congestion, decreased lung capacity, bad skin, aches and pains. My leg pain I wrote about in my last update seemed to subside after I took a yoga class, and my doctor thought it was probably just a muscle strain. Corban is getting harder for me to carry – probably also due to his increasing weight.

Although I have not had the most active pregnancy this time around, this baby sure is active! I feel lots of kicks and enjoy every single one. Although, sometimes it’s distracting, like when we were at the movies last night or when I was in a meeting today.

My appetite is still a bit off and I’m sure it will continue this way until the baby is born. I cope by listening to my cravings and planning meals accordingly. This usually involves lots of cheese.

We finally are making some good progress with baby names. Up until the past couple weeks I’ve felt lukewarm about seemingly every name there is, but Peter and I spent a great deal of our car ride to Missouri and back over Memorial Day weekend discussing names, and we now have a good list of possibilities for this baby and any future children. I am extremely picky about certain things when it comes to names, and have a bunch of unofficial rules I can’t bring myself to break regarding first letters, endings, styles and how all the family names sound together. I’m actually really excited about the names on our list because they fit together so nicely.

Tomorrow I turn 27 and will spend the day with Corban, at a playdate and perhaps some other adventures. I took the day off work with no intention of doing anything crazy. I don’t even really have the desire to relax (which wouldn’t be possible with C-boy, anyway). I just want to have a normal day doing fun stuff with my son. I plan to take a few more days off this summer for the same reason. He only has a few more months as an only child so we need to live it up!

Last pregnancy at this time…

Last time at 24 weeks, it was the week of Labor Day. I had an energetic week – did a bunch of meal prep and freezing, worked out three times (including Body Pump – go me!), went to a maternity store for the first time to buy a coat and went out for karaoke on that Saturday night. I had gained 13 pounds at that point, compared to 10 or 11 this time.

Sadly, Body Pump and karaoke have not been a part of my life recently, but this time around I get to enjoy Corban kisses, and that’s even better!

Halfway through pregnancy #2

Tuesday marks 20 weeks – the halfway point – of this pregnancy! (Or, if the baby comes early, like Corban did, we’re already more than halfway there. Eek.)

While the first trimester seemed to drag on and on (feeling sick all the time seems to have that effect), the second trimester has sped by so far.

I jumped right into wearing maternity clothes at the start of the second trimester. I still wear some non-maternity tops (some maternity shirts look pretty baggy on me still) but maternity is a must for pants now.

Physically, I’ve felt pretty normal for the second trimester thus far. My appetite came back as soon as I hit 13 weeks and I enjoyed tons of great food while on vacation in Charleston, SC. Since then, appetite, cravings and aversions have slowly become more hit or miss. I’ve started to notice, like during my last pregnancy, that some of my favorite foods just don’t taste as great as they normally do. I think my taste buds are just a little off. Bummer.

I’m just starting to notice more aches and pains that come with a growing belly. New to the list this time is an intense pain in my groin and inner left thigh whenever I move my legs to get out of bed or lift my left leg (like to put pants on or sometimes even to walk). I Google-diagnosed myself with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which essentially is pain associated with a joint in your pelvis widening more than it should during pregnancy. It doesn’t seem serious, but I am not looking forward to spending the next 20 weeks with it. Has anyone else dealt with this? Don’t worry – I will be asking my doctor about it at my next appointment.

On to the fun part…  here’s a peek at the growing bump, and the growing big brother alongside it.




Note Corban’s changes from pre-first haircut to post-haircut to the present, with his shagginess back again (I love it).

We got to see the little one this past week via ultrasound. That, plus my growing belly, makes this all seem a bit more real.


The day before the ultrasound, I realized I really want to find out whether this baby is a boy or a girl. We didn’t find out with Corban, and I loved every minute of the suspense and surprise. But this time, it’s different. We are pretty much ready for the baby as far as gear is concerned (we just did this, after all) and we know generally what to expect (although every child is different, yada yada yada). So finding out the sex is just more at the forefront of my mind this time. I want to imagine the sibling dynamic, to shop for baby girl clothes if it’s a girl, to go through all of Corban’s old clothes if it’s a boy. I just have a stronger desire to immediately satisfy my curiosity this time.

Alas, since I came to this realization a mere 24 hours before the ultrasound, I was not able to convince Peter or myself to change the game plan and find out. So another surprise it is. (Unless we have another ultrasound at some point :))

Emotionally, I am just starting to really think about this baby and the changes that will come to our family. I am so excited to once again experience the joy of bringing a new life into the world. I love that our family is growing, and I can’t wait to see Corban interact with the new baby.

At the same time, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of having another child. In my mom’s words, “One is like none and two is like ten.” So far, Corban really has felt as close to “none” as possible. He was such an easygoing infant and continues to have an easy demeanor. But even if we are blessed with two Corbans, our world will be significantly more complicated. Just leaving the house will be much more challenging. Parents of two or more kids, how scared should we be?

It’s also starting to hit me that we actually do have some major things to do before the baby arrives. Like move our super messy, cluttered office into the basement and set up Corban’s new big boy room. The weeks just keep coming and going, but in the next month or so we’ll need to schedule some significant time to focus on those tasks. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

4.5 months down. 4.5 months to go. Time to get moving!

One year ago today

One year ago today, I was 36 weeks pregnant. Peter and I trampled off after church with our friend Anna Sparks for a maternity photo shoot. It was cold, but we shed our coats and scampered around Mequon and Cedarburg to get some good shots in what would be my last days of pregnancy (funny how I bought some cute new maternity clothes for the shoot, only to wear them once because Corban was born four days later!)

We took some Christmas shots in downtown Cedarburg – the most festive town around here!



Yesterday, we found ourselves, by chance, back in Cedarburg to meet up with my BFF Laura, who was in town with her mom.

Of course, we had to attempt to recreate the shots from one year ago, but this time with Corban outside my belly!



Didn’t quite get the same angle, but close enough. Here’s a side-by-side:


My, how quickly a year goes by. Amazing how fast babies change, how naturally one can adapt to parenthood, how wonderful it is to witness human development and how your heart can learn to love someone more and more with each passing day.

Corban turns one on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll have more sentimental words for you in the coming days as I reflect on this first birthday, but for now I’ll leave you with another photo from yesterday. We attempted to visit Santa in his gingerbread house, but he wasn’t home. Wah wah.


1 week postpartum

I have to admit, I did not expect to feel this good one week after having a baby.

For the first couple days, it was painful to sit or move from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, sitting to lying down, etc. I needed help out of chairs and I had to walk really slowly down the long hall to the NICU to see Corban during that first day.

The nurses kept offering me pain meds (nothing crazy, just Motrin or Tylenol), but I never felt like I really needed it. It was more discomfort than pain. I just had to take it slow.

Anyway, by Sunday I was feeling pretty good and started doing a few things around the house. I carried folding chairs and a few other things into the basement. On Monday, I carried Corban in his car seat into the doctor’s office (it’s surprisingly heavy and kind of awkward to carry). But by Monday afternoon, I was feeling a bit sore and worn out again. Then I read my discharge orders, which said not to lift anything heavier than your baby (6 pounds?? Come on!) and to do absolutely nothing but care for yourself and the baby.

Thankfully, my mom was here to do everything else around the house.

So the past few days I’ve been trying to balance resting with getting things done. I do notice that after a lot of walking around the house, or doing much of anything, I’ll feel sore in my lower abs and pelvis and have trouble walking comfortably. I feel like I have so much to do, but really, most of it can wait. I’m just incredibly glad we got almost all our Christmas shopping done the weekend before Little C’s arrival!

I probably can’t skip mentioning the weight loss side of things, even though I might be hated here in a minute…

I am completely shocked by how quickly my body has changed. If gaining 24 pounds over the course of 5-6ish months seemed extreme, losing it in less than a week is even crazier. The day we got home from the hospital I was 9 pounds from my starting weight, but within another 2 days I actually weighed about 3-4 pounds less than my starting weight. Never in a million years did I expect that. Before you start throwing things at me, I think the reason for this is because I went into pregnancy with a decent amount of muscle (thank you, Body Pump), and now I have pretty much none.

Though my weight is back to normal(ish) – and I am really happy about that – I still don’t look the same. My calves are strangely small and lacking muscle (getting back into running is going to be tough, I can tell) and the skin on my stomach is kind of loose. My belly button looks funny because it had been so stretched out.

The one thing I am a little concerned about is my ring finger – I still can’t get my engagement or wedding rings off. But I am really happy to report that my ridiculously swollen ankles and feet are back to normal (I had forgotten what normal sized ankles look like).

Seriously… before and after feet photos (sorry if this disgusts you):

It is sooo nice not feeling like I’m walking on sausages or bursting water balloons.

So that’s my body one week after giving birth. Still recovering, but feeling good.

Non-cheesy maternity photos

Almost all of the maternity photos that I’ve seen have had one thing in common: They are SO cheesy.

Husbands kissing stomachs, couples both baring bare bellies, huge bows tied around waists… maximum cheese. There are some hilariously bad ones out there (thank you, Pregnant Chicken, for compiling this roundup.)

I do think this is a really fun time to get professional photos taken, though. As uncomfortable as my protruding stomach might make me feel right now, I want to remember how I look at this stage and capture our excitement and joy as we anticipate our baby’s arrival. As long as they weren’t ridiculously posed, I wanted to have some professional photos taken for that reason.

We’re fortunate enough to have a friend, Anna Sparks, who is studying photography in college and already launching her career, so choosing a photographer was easy. It also made me feel better spending the money on photos – knowing it was supporting a friend.

So yesterday we tromped around by Lake Michigan, a park in Grafton and downtown Cedarburg for some chilly pics (though it was one of the warmer days of late). A lot of the time, it felt like we were taking engagement photos, only with my stomach being an extra prop.

Anna was kind enough to send a few “preview” shots to keep me satiated while she studies for finals. So without further ado, here’s a preview of our shoot yesterday.

There’s one more that I added to yesterday’s post and the belly pics page.

I’m loving all the shots so far and can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks, Anna!

35 weeks and a baby shower

Months ago I looked at Thanksgiving weekend on the calendar, saw that I would be 35 weeks pregnant at that point and worried that I’d go into labor while traveling to Missouri to visit Peter’s family. Or that the baby would already be here.

But we made it!

Phew. (Though I did bring along the hospital bag I started packing last week… just in case.)

Pregnancy is definitely no longer comfortable. Sitting, lying down, standing… after a few minutes, doing any of the above makes me sore.

If I’m sitting in a certain position, sometimes I think I can see a head – or a butt – on my left side. I actually hope it’s the latter, because otherwise it means the baby is breach. My right side continues to take the brunt of the discomfort, so you’ll often find me stretching my right arm up or attempting to elongate my right side to make more room.

I’ve also started getting cramps, which I’m pretty sure are contractions. They aren’t regular or even very often, but I’m not really enjoying them.

But other than the constant torso discomfort, I actually feel pretty good. I’m excited, and relatively calm despite still not being quite ready on several fronts. The earlier symptoms like nasal congestion and itchy eyes have gone away. I’ve been drinking tons of fluids, and I think that’s helped my foot/ankle swelling.


But back to this weekend, we spent Thanksgiving Day with my family. It was really great to see my cousin and her adorable one-year-old, swap pregnancy stories and get the scoop on what labor and the first few months of life with a baby are like.

They sound absolutely exhausting. But I’m still excited.

Friday we drove to Peter’s hometown to visit his fam, and because his mom was hosting a…

Baby Shower

We have been blessed with several wonderful baby showers so far (and another couple more to come). This one featured this beauty:

My sister-in-law, Jenny, made this dashing diaper cake. It survived the trip home in one piece and I kind of don’t ever want to take it apart.

The real cake was a winner too.

We also played a few games, like seeing whose water would break (melt) first.

And matching up candy bar names with pregnancy/baby terms.

(Won’t think of Milky Ways the same anymore…)

Lots of fun with Peter’s relatives, and lots of lovely baby gifts.

I should also mention that I got lots of encouragement from Peter’s mom and cousin that childbirth without an epidural or other painkillers is totally doable. They both did it 3 times sans meds nor regrets. I’m still leaving my options open, but it was good to get their experienced perspectives.

Again, we feel so very blessed by all the love and support around us during this time! It’s been so much fun to share our excitement with our friends and family. We certainly had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

34 weeks

Six weeks till my due date! Whoa.

Belly is really out there! But deceptive from the front, eh?

I think it’s official as of this week: pregnancy is getting uncomfortable.

I had to have Peter help me put on – and remove – my knit boots the other day because I couldn’t balance to put them on while standing up and I couldn’t comfortably reach my feet while sitting down.

I’ve somehow avoided being a crazy pillow monster at night up until this past week. But comfortable sleep is getting more challenging, so I now put one pillow kind of under/beside my belly and one either under or in between my feet/legs. I also have to kind of lean on Peter sometimes… he’s my human pillow.

Getting out of bed is a whole challenge in itself. It involves mental preparation, then physical repositioning and a surge of energy to get into a sitting position. Next comes repositioning of the legs and special attention to stability as I step out of bed. I never thought such a simple task would be so taxing!

There must be a hand or foot or something that likes hanging out right under the right side of my ribcage. If I sit in a certain position, it burns, like heartburn but in my ribs. Lifting my right arm over my head helps stretch it out. That’s probably been my most uncomfortable pregnancy side effect so far.

But despite the discomfort, I am honestly still really enjoying being pregnant. The aches and pains all seems so minor when I think about holding our baby and growing our family. And we’re close enough to the end now that I’ve been thinking a lot more about that part of pregnancy – you know, the end result that changes your life forever.

While it still does seem distant and surreal – I don’t think the fact that I have a baby will really hit me until he/she is in my arms, or maybe not even till I have my first day or night with an inconsolably crying child – it is starting to sink in little by little. We finally moved the guest bed out of the nursery and moved the dresser/changing table in. That makes it seem a lot more real. I went through a lot of the baby clothes and other items yesterday with my mom. Again, things are getting real. And in a few minutes Peter and I are going to Target to buy some items for my “hospital bag.” Um, yikes! It’s already almost time to have that ready to go.

Some blog posts to come:

  • Nursery update, with photos
  • Basement update – yeah, it’s in the process of becoming a finished basement and I’ve been meaning to share some progress photos
  • Cats vs. babies
  • My first Braxton-Hicks contraction

And tomorrow is my (our – if I can convince Peter to come) breastfeeding class at the hospital. This weekend we’ll be driving to northeast Missouri for the Sherwood side baby shower. So there will be lots to write about, if I can find the time!

33 weeks

I’m a day late on my weekly belly picture post. Didn’t even have time to take a photo yesterday, let alone write. So here’s the least-horrible photo from this morning’s photo shoot.

Can you tell I really badly need to do laundry? I have officially run out of all my cute maternity tops.

Anyway, this weekend was nonstop for me – nonstop fun, for the most part, but not much time to get anything (like laundry) done.

Friday night I went on a scavenger hunt at Mayfair Mall (yes, you read that right) with women from church. It included things like this:

And this:

(Woman on the left is visiting from Sierra Leone!)

Loads of laughter that night. Unfortunately I had an early wake up call the next morning for singing practice at church, followed by part 2 of the women’s event (a mini retreat-like morning), lunch with church friends and a ZTA alumnae chapter “meeting,” that turned out to be…

…a sweet surprise baby shower!

It was so much fun catching up with my Zeta alumni friends. And Baby Sherwood now has a bunch of adorable yellow and white ducky clothes and accessories (I’m telling ya, gender-neutral = ducky when it comes to onesies, and that’s not a bad thing). The only other picture I took was of these cupcakes:

Yummm. Just some of the delicious food our generous hostess, Trixy, prepared.

Of course, after all that fun I had to go into work for a few hours.

But Sunday brought more good times. After church, we headed to Wine & Dine Wisconsin, an awesome food and drink tasting event put on by the Journal Sentinel. After my shift in the JS booth (which earned me some free tickets) we walked around with our friends Chris and Alicia, who we happily ran into, and eventually met up with Peter’s brother Noah and his girlfriend, Lindsay, who were in town from Quincy, Ill., and their/our friends Jason and Cynthia. Jason is Noah’s friend from high school who is coincidentally marrying my ZTA alumni friend Cynthia. I’d like to take credit for their meeting each other, but really we just unintentionally brought them under the same roof one day a few years ago and they hit it off from there. Such fun!

It was a little tough to miss out on all the wine and beer tastings this year (though I did take a sip of Blue Moon’s peanut butter beer – it was…. interesting), but there was enough good food to stuff me to the gills. I actually found one restaurant (Cafe Manna) that was serving a non-alcoholic drink, a very green and healthy limeade, so I filled my wine glass up with that (and definitely got some stares and questions regarding what green concoction I was drinking). We stayed quite a while at Wine & Dine before heading home with Noah and Lindsay and eventually going out for a late dinner (no idea how we were hungry after Wine & Dine, but somehow it happened).

So that covered pretty much every minute of my weekend. Still with me?

I am happy to report that this week, for the first time in months, or even possibly ever, I have no evening plans for the entire week! This means all the things around the house that have been neglected for the past several weeks (ahem, laundry) can get done. And yes, this makes me happy.

Pregnancy update

So what has this week been like pregnancy-wise? Uncomfortable. Switching from sitting, standing or lying down to any other position is quite the endeavor.

I finally understand why everyone says to put your feet up – I am starting to retain water in my ankles and feet, a.k.a. hello cankles.

Walking is uncomfortable for the first few steps until I gain some momentum to propel me forward. Seriously. Haha.

But overall, it continues to be not too bad. I especially feel blessed that I’ve made it this far without any complications, and am very happy that Baby still seems content to be inside my belly. I try not to think too much about all the babies I know that were born by this point in pregnancy because that freaks me out (obviously on a health-risk level, but also on an “ahhh I’m not ready yet!” level).

I really can’t believe how close we are getting to the end though! I am looking forward to finishing getting the nursery put together (which should happen this weekend) so I can feel a bit more prepared. Right now that’s the big thing that is hanging over my head.

Weird dream update

I haven’t had a ton of violent nightmares recently (thankfully!) but I have been having bizarre baby dreams/nightmares. In one, we had an ultrasound that revealed that I was actually having triplets, and because of this I was going to have to be induced the very next day – no exceptions!

Then last night I dreamed that I had the baby (a boy in this dream) but had labor and delivery amnesia, where I didn’t remember a thing about being in the hospital. It was very mysterious, and I was sad that I “missed out” on the birth of our child (who was very cute in the dream). Then someone told me the baby was born at 10 pounds, so I figured it was probably better that I didn’t remember the delivery. Haha.

Wow, packed a lot in this post. Hope your week is off to a great start!

32 weeks

“Dear Baby, I am now, as of today, 32 weeks pregnant! There are only eight short weeks left before your due date. It has never felt more real, and yet it all still seems like pretend. I am so incredibly excited to hold you in my arms, yet the idea of being responsible for your life and upbringing is still a bit frightening to me.”

That’s an excerpt from the letter I just wrote Baby Sherwood. I wrote one at 13 weeks, describing my feelings and details about that stage of pregnancy, and finally got around to writing the one that I meant to write at the end of the second trimester. I have no idea if our child will ever enjoy reading the letters, but even if he or she doesn’t, I think it will be fun for me to go back and relive this moment in time. I tell the baby things like what names we like, how I’m feeling, where we are with preparing for his or her arrival and just how much I already love him/her (the English language really needs a gender-neutral personal pronoun!)

Anyway, here’s this week’s photo, this time in a more form-fitting outfit at my sister’s request:

[Note the tail escaping across the frame.] My sister is right though – most of my weekly photos are in outfits that don’t exactly show off the bump. This is because we take them every Sunday after church and I just leave on whatever I’m wearing, which has tended to be a skirt or dress a lot of the time. Not so this week!

This reminds me that I created a “Belly photos” tab at the top of the blog last week with all the photos and links to the weekly updates, so you can see my progress and my sometimes terrible fashion choices all in one spot now!

So, as you can tell from the above photo, I’m really pregnant now! Really as in, for real. Sleeping comfortably and getting in and out of bed are challenging. I’m starting to feel puffy in spots, notably my ankles (from certain angles, they’re cankles) and fingers, which I only noticed because I couldn’t get my engagement ring off the other day! I think I’ll just leave it on for the rest of the pregnancy so people don’t think I’m a punk unwed high schooler. And I’ve been trying to put my feet up whenever I get the chance.

Weekend update

This weekend I was traveling yet again, back to my parents’ house 1.5 to 2 hours away for my brosef’s 20th birthday dinner and wedding dress shopping with my sis. It was an easy trip, but with the exception of Thanksgiving, we are DONE traveling for the rest of this pregnancy! I have spent more weekends away than at home over the past month or so, and I really need to focus on getting the nursery ready and that sort of thing on the weekends. My weeknights are almost always filled with something, either a Bible study, childbirth class, social event or meeting of some sort, so I’m hoping that calms down a little bit over the next few weeks too.

I always do enjoy my travels though. It was great seeing all my extended family at the birthday dinner, spending time with my mom and sister while shopping and visiting a friend’s new house. These semi-spontaneous little weekends will be a lot more complicated when we have a child and all the baby stuff that has to come with us.

In other baby news

I took our carseat out of the box this afternoon and started to read the instruction manual. So many safety concerns! My pregnant brain couldn’t handle it all at once so I need to go back and finish reading it later. Biggles, of course, hopped right in to test it out.

He quickly decided the box it came in was more interesting.

In other other news

We were two of those chumps who forgot to set our clocks back last night, so we missed out on our extra hour of sleep! Luckily, when we were 5 minutes into our drive to church the choir director called me to let me know of a change in singing plans and tipped me off that it was only 7:40 a.m., not 8:40. So we turned around and made use of our extra hour by going grocery shopping.

Speaking of choir, writing that just reminded me that I have practice right at this moment. Ugh! I blame the pregnant brain again. Gotta go!