How do you soften cotton diapers?

The most basic household remedy for softening your cloth diapers is White Distilled Vinegar. Vinegar acts like a magnet collecting the free electrons that lead to static cling. Fabric is softened when these electrons are removed and the molecules are balanced. It can be added to a Downy ball and tossed in the washer.

How can I soften my diapers?

Washing your diapers in cold water will soften them. The colder the water, the softer they’ll become. Lemon juice can soften your diapers. Add 4 teaspoons (20 grams) of lemon juice to warm water, and soak the diapers for an hour before washing.

Why are my cloth diapers crunchy?

The first cause is line drying. If you line dry your cloth diapers exclusively, they will have some stiffness to them once they’re dry. The same thing would happen to the rest of your clothing. To fix this issue, you can toss your cloth diapers into the tumble dryer for 5 minutes afterward to fluff them up.

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Can you use softener on cloth diapers?

Truth be told, accidently washing your diapers with fabric softener or running them through the dryer with a dryer sheet probably won’t do much if only done once. That being said, since fabric softeners coat fabrics to “soften” them, they can affect the absorbency of your cloth diapers.

What do you soak cloth diapers in?

After rinsing, toss the dirty diaper into a diaper pail or waterproof bag until you’re ready to run a load. Soaking cloth diapers in a bucket of full water is also a great option. Keeping cloth diapers as wet as possible before washing is the secret to erasing all poopy messes in the wash.

How do you get detergent build up out of cloth diapers?

Another common cause is using too much detergent for your water. If you are using a cloth diaper specific detergent use the amount recommended. You’ll need more detergent if you have hard water, less in soft water. To strip detergent buildup, fill the washer with the hottest water you can and your clean diapers.

How do you strip cloth diapers?

Option 1: Strip cloth diapers with Dawn dish soap

Many parents have found that stripping cloth diapers with Dawn dish soap is a gentle and effective way to remove residue and buildup from the fabric. To do this, just add one tablespoon of the original blue liquid Dawn dish soap to your tub or top-loader.

How do you soften hemp inserts?

giving them a good scrunch and stretch to soften up before putting on Hunter was great. After the inserts have dried and if they feel stiff, stretching both ends and the gussets out, or giving them a hit against your machine, or scrunching them up before use makes them more pliable.

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How do you wash cloth diapers with hard water?

When washing cloth diapers in hard water, choose a detergent with high concentrations of surfactants (surface active agents). Surfactants contribute to the cleaning power of your detergent by breaking up stains and suspending dirt in water. This allows dirt to wash away rather than redepositing.

How do you use borax for cloth diapers?

Fill the diaper pail about half full with warm water and 1/2 cup of borax per gallon of water. The borax, a natural mineral, will help remove stains and deodorize the fabric.

Can I soak cloth diapers in vinegar?

Vinegar, especially white vinegar, is not only safe for cloth diapers but there are a ton of reasons to use it in your cloth diaper care routine. When used in the rinse cycle it: Neutralizes and removes detergent build-up. Removes hard-water scale.

Can you use baking soda on cloth diapers?

Use a regular warm to very hot cycle and cloth-friendly detergent to get the diapers officially clean. Feel free to add a little scoop of baking soda to the detergent for a power boost. Baking soda will also neutralize acidic odors and remove protein-based stains.

How do you get zinc oxide out of cloth diapers?


  1. Squirt a small amount Original blue Dawn on the area and rub it in.
  2. When you get it rubbed in you can also scrub it with a toothbrush or other soft brush to really get it into the fibers.
  3. Let it sit for at least a few hours.
  4. Wash as normal.
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