Can I make baby food in my Nutribullet?

So in short, yes you can use Nutribullet for baby food. In fact, it is very suitable for making baby purees.

How do you purée with a Nutribullet?


  1. Steam or boil the apple until very soft and tender.
  2. Cool apple completely.
  3. Add both ingredients to the Short Cup.
  4. Note — add less liquid if you want a thicker purée or more liquid for a thinner purée. …
  5. Twist the Baby Blend Blade onto the Short Cup.
  6. Purée until you have achieved the proper smoothness.

Can you purée hot food in a Nutribullet?

Never blend hot items in the NutriBullet. It may work in other blenders, but this machine is not designed to handle warm or hot liquids.

Is NutriBullet Baby microwave safe?

Are Baby Bullet containers microwave safe? No, the Baby Bullet containers are not microwave safe. For any reason, don’t heat the cups, lids, blades, batch bowl, batch tray, and motor inside a microwave oven.

Can I use a regular blender to make baby food?

It is possible to make baby food using a regular blender; a baby food blender is for best results. First, it’s better for small amounts. It also keeps any chemicals that may be extra in your own food out of your baby’s food.

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Do you need a baby bullet to make baby food?

The Baby Bullet is the only thing you need to make and store homemade baby food. It’s so easy to use, even the most sleep-deprived parents can operate it, and it’s easy to clean too, thanks to the wide mouth and base.

Does the Nutribullet baby steam?

nutribullet Baby®Turbo Steamer. The nutribullet Baby® Turbo Steamer is fast, easy to clean, and a real go-getter just like you. Not only does it steam cook fresh ingredients for homemade baby food, it also defrosts frozen foods and sterilizes baby bottles, pacifiers, utensils, and toys for easier baby times, all around …

Do you need to steam bananas for baby food?

As banana doesn’t need cooking, you can carry it while travelling and whenever the baby is hungry, just peel mash and feed the baby right away. Bananas are an excellent source of nutrition and make great first foods to babies. Banana puree can be introduced as solid food anywhere between the age of 4-6 months.

Is the Baby Bullet discontinued?

Baby Bullet has been discontinued. See all Food Processors.

Can you purée soup in a Nutribullet?

One of the first things that I did with my new Nutribullet Rx was make soup. The Rx adds a pitcher and heating through friction, so Nutribullet soup is now rather easy to make.

What can you not put in a Nutribullet?

Do not blend dates, nuts, seeds, ice or any other hard ingredients in the nutribullet® GO Cordless Blender. Attempting to crush hard ingredients and ice may cause permanent damage to the blades.

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Can I use Nutribullet as a food processor?

Yes, you can use the Nutribullet blender as a food processor when you want to blend something into a fine proportion. For instance, you can use it to blend and grind the coffee, nuts, and grains. On the other hand, you cannot use this blender for making coarse outcome.