I started this blog to document my first pregnancy. Two kids later, I’ve written a fair amount on the subject. Here are some highlights:

Baby #1:

Baby #2:

Belly Photos

It’s amazing to look back on how my belly grew each week during pregnancy! Here are all my weekly belly photos from my first pregnancy with links to that week’s mini-update.

9 weeks:

10 weeks:

11 weeks:

[missing! I think it’s on my sister’s camera]

12 weeks:

13 weeks:

14 weeks:

15 weeks:

16 weeks:

17 weeks:

18 weeks:

19 weeks:

20 weeks:

21 weeks:

22 weeks:

23 weeks:

24 weeks:

25 weeks:

26 weeks:

27 weeks:

28 weeks:

29 weeks:

30 weeks:

31 weeks:

32 weeks:

33 weeks:

34 weeks:

35 weeks:

36 weeks:

1 week postpartum:

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