Bye bye, pacifier!

After months of thinking about it, talking about it but ultimately putting it off due to one thing after another, we finally (finally!) said bye bye, pacifier. For Corban, mind you. Mara is still more than welcome to soothe herself through the long night with hers.

Ultimately it came down to the fact that I discovered dirt/mold inside Corban’s one remaining pacifier and I just couldn’t stomach giving it to him anymore. There’s no easy time to go through this transition, but with four weekends of travel in the past month behind us and another three weeks until we go camping, we had a window to take advantage of.

So last night we pulled up some youtube videos. First, the brilliant “Bye Bye Binky” song by Elmo (thank you, Elmo, for using your influential position among toddlers to make the world a better place for parents).

Then we trolled around for videos of other little kids saying bye bye to their pacifiers. This was enlightening. Apparently many parents tie them to balloons and send them off into the sky “for other babies who need them.” Some put them in a box and leave them overnight for the Binky Fairy to replace with a toy. Corban was enthralled by all this, but thankfully the video that resonated the most with him was one of a little boy simply throwing his pacifiers into a large garbage can in the garage.

We had been talking with him for months about someday throwing his pacifier away, and about how he doesn’t need it and he’s becoming a big boy, so this wasn’t a novel concept for him. We had even attempted a paci-trashing session a few months ago, but he genuinely seemed so disappointed to say goodbye to it that I relented and backpedaled. Maybe it’s my own memories of pacifier-sucking bliss as a child or just my reluctance to admit Corban is growing up, but even watching the darn youtube videos of kids saying bye to their pacifiers had me misty-eyed with compassion.

But this time it was happening. After all the video motivation, he was excited about getting in on the action (and possibly even more excited about watching the garbage truck come and take it away, which is a weekly highlight we enjoy together).

So we pulled out the big garbage can, let Corban sing Elmo’s binky song, and without so much as a second of hesitation he tossed the thing in. Bye bye, pacifier.

I did my part and posted the video on youtube to motivate other little ones who may be headed for Pacifier-holics Anonymous.

Of course, come bed time (a few minutes later) he was like an addict in withdrawal. Seriously. Kicking, fidgeting, crying, rolling around in bed. He begged to “put Mara’s pacifier in my mouth.” Sorry, sir. Our bedtime routine distracted him for a while, but when we left his room he would not stay in bed. After nearly an hour of whining and crying in the Pack N Play, I lay down with him in bed for about 5 minutes before he passed out.

Thankfully, he napped perfectly for our nanny today and tonight was better than last night. He only brought up the pacifier once and instead of crying he just lay awake singing and talking to himself in the Pack N Play, and eventually fell asleep on his own.

No matter what the next few nights hold, I’m glad to finally have the pacifier gone!

One thought on “Bye bye, pacifier!

  1. Sara P says:

    for future parents reading this thread.

    11 Things to do with binkies/pacifiers

    1. Put them under the child’s pillow for the binky fairy. She leaves a big kid present or money.

    2. Have them put inside a build-a-bear. They get a new cuddly friend and they can feel the pacifier still inside.

    3. Take them to the dentist and receive a new toothbrush or sticker. (make sure to call ahead of the visit to make sure they play along).

    4. Donate them to a new baby or babies in need. Give them to a friend who just had a baby, Post an ad on freecycle. Or take them to your local hospital/ doctor’s office (again make sure to call ahead and give them a heads up).

    5. Take it to the recycle place or throw it in the recycle truck when it comes by your house. Explain that recycling helps save the planet.

    6. Trade it in for a “new” toy or book. Take them to the toy store (explain to the clerk that the child will be paying in binkies meanwhile hand the cashier your credit card or $$ on the down low).

    7. Throw it a good bye party with fun party hats and balloons. Tie it to a balloon and watch it sail away.

    8. Mail it to your child’s favorite tv show for the baby on the show, like Sesame Street’s “Baby Bear” or Cailluo’s sister Rosie.

    9. Get CREATIVE. Cut them up into teeny tiny pieces and make art out of them. Maybe go to whimsy or something and incorporate them into one of those mosaic tile things. Or put them in a bottle and make a rattle.

    10. Bury/plant them. If in the spring slip some flower seeds into the hole and watch flowers grow where the paci was planted. Or if in the fall/winter have Lollipops grow where it was planted (you will have to sneak outside at night to get the paci and “plant” the lollies.

    11. Donate them to animals at a shelter or farm. For the baby animals.


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