2.5, 9 and 28

What do 2.5, 9 and 28 have in common? They’re the ages Corban, Mara and I all turned this week. Mara was 9 months old on Sunday, I turned 28 yesterday and Corban will be 2.5 this Sunday.


2.5/9 months/28 and doing all right.

I feel like my age is finally starting to match my stage of life. I got married at 22, had a baby at 25 and another at 27. Statistically speaking, that’s not normal.

Up until the past year, I’d say my mind was still in my early to mid-twenties even if my lifestyle wasn’t. But now, at 28, I actually feel 28. I am not only OK with a night at home with no plans; I look forward to it. I’m happiest sitting on the living room floor laughing with Corban or bouncing Mara in my lap. My focus isn’t as much on doing something all the time, but just enjoying time itself with loved ones.

My aunt sent me a horoscope yesterday describing those born on June 5, and this line is particularly true for me:

These active, mercurial people have a high level of energy and never seem to sit still.

I think the biggest change I’ve seen in myself this past year is that I’m learning to sit still, even preferring it at times. I spend a lot of time doing things and going places and seeing people, and I need that (when I read those “you know you’re an introvert when…” lists I absolutely cannot relate to needing alone time. Let me socialize day and night, please!). But as much as I love and need that, I also have come to treasure my time spent relaxing and playing at home (maybe it’s because with two kids I’m almost never alone).

As I enter the home stretch of my 20s, I’m dreaming of big adventures for the future, but content with the small pleasures of now.

This week’s small pleasures:

Cutie pie Mara at 9 months in our blooming backyard.




Birthday lunch date with Peter – downtown dining week special at Coquette Cafe.


Udon noodle salad for birthday dinner, prepared by our nanny (a.k.a. not me!).


Corban’s first Oreo (er… Roundy-O. Sorry, kid.) He really savored it.


Zoo today with friends.


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