The border of crazytown

After Mara was born, I just knew that working full time was not what I wanted for my family at this precious stage. I am grateful that my employer was supportive of my request to switch to part time and feel so thankful that I am able to continue with the job I love and still be home with my kids two days a week. It’s close to a perfect situation for me.

But it’s still really hard. It’s hard to leave them when I go to work… it’s hard to leave my work when I go home… and on days like today it’s hard just making it through the morning with a disobedient two-year-old.

If you want to drive yourself to the border of crazytown, try getting a toddler who doesn’t want to listen/obey/leave strapped into a car seat. Then try doing it again when you leave your destination. If you’re feeling really masochistic, then follow through with your desperate promise to stop for a treat (snack/coffee for mom at Starbucks) and go through it all again when it’s time to head home.

So many tears. From both of us (almost… I didn’t actually cry but I wanted to).

It’s enough to make me question whether I really want to be home instead of at work.

OK, I know I do want to be home and it is a huge blessing…

But some days are just a struggle. I guess that’s just parenthood/life in general.

It would be hard if I were working full time. It would be hard if I were home full time. It’s hard when I’m somewhere in the middle.

It’s all a reminder to rely on God. In my frustration I forget that He’s in control, that He’s bigger than me and that these two are His beautiful creation. And we have so many more lovely moments than tough ones!


Being a mom is a humbling experience.

On a practical note, though, anyone have advice for getting kids to cooperate when getting in the car? Is this a universal two-year-old thing or am I just lucky?

2 thoughts on “The border of crazytown

  1. Laura B says:

    Being a mom has been the most sanctifying thing in my life (so far…). It’s amazing to see so much unbridled, un-selfconscious sin in one tiny body. How they lash out at you nonstop for a whole morning, and then they NEEEEEEEEED you when they scrape their little knees? What grace it takes to not just leave them in the middle of the sidewalk!!! It’s amazing the frustration, the exhaustion, the joy and the love that is all packaged up into the role of Mom. I’m sorry your little guy is being so difficult right now. Seeing him so often when he’s *not* in temper tantrum mode, I can remind you of how fun he is, if you ever need it 🙂

    As for getting into the carseat, we haven’t had that particular problem, but when our girls are being less than cooperative, we’re becoming masters of distraction. With Ad, we like to ask her to help us count something, or to ask her what colors are on whatever it is in reaching distance, and isn’t the same thing we used last time. Getting her attention away from the fit, and making her actuallly process external information seems to help her relax and go with whatever it is that we need.


    • Alison says:

      Well said, Laura! And thanks for the advice. Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried every trick in the book and just want to give up (and leave them on the sidewalk, as you said, haha) but it’s true they are so easily and arbitrarily distracted at this age. It’s just finding the right distraction for the moment…



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