It’s a…


Mara June was born Sunday, Sept. 1 at 6:57 a.m.


7 pounds and 20 inches despite arriving three weeks and two days before her due date. Apparently that’s the magic point in pregnancy where my body evicts the baby. Corban was born at almost the exact same point (one day earlier).

Mara is an absolute joy! Healthy, snuggly, sleepy. She nurses well (although I’m still in a good deal of pain from breastfeeding, but that’s for another post) and has spent almost her entire first week of life eating and sleeping (mostly sleeping).

I’m feeling well after a completely natural labor and delivery. Full birth story to come in a separate post, but I’ll tell you this right now: it was fast.

We are still adjusting to life as a family of four. My mom was here to help until Friday, and I don’t know how we would have managed without her here cooking, cleaning and – most importantly – taking care of Corban. Peter was able to work most of last week so he can take time off in the coming weeks as needed.

I was alone with the two little ones for the first time this evening for about 40 minutes while Peter ran to Home Depot. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but Corban had a major dinnertime meltdown possibly induced by the fact that I was wearing Mara in the Moby wrap, so it felt like hours.


Corban is a little bit unpredictable around Mara. He is definitely interested in her and will touch her, give her kisses and ask to hold her (we have held her in his lap a few times while he pointed out her facial features and pet her head), but when he’s done, he’s done, and he doesn’t quite understand how small and fragile she is. He has been enjoying the fact that Peter and I (and Grandma Dee Dee) have been around all the time for the past week, but will at times get extra clingy, particularly when Peter holds Mara. I don’t know exactly what his comprehension level of the situation is at this point, but overall I think he is handling the new addition to our family really well.

This first week with Mara has been wonderful. Compared to our first week with Corban, I feel much more confident and relaxed as a mom. I’ve been trying to take it easy and enjoy this special time with my snuggly newborn and entertaining toddler. It still seems surreal that we now have a daughter! We feel so blessed!

2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Safia says:

    Congratulations Alison! Mara June: what a gorgeous name! I’m looking forward to reading about the birth. I’m expecting baby #2 in February and I can’t wait! Enjoy those precious first few weeks with Mara. X


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