7 thoughts at 7 months pregnant

My due date is two months from yesterday. That seems like both a very short time and a very long time.

Here’s what’s on my mind:

1) I actually went through the entire day yesterday thinking today was July 24 and telling people my due date was two months from today. I was in serious shock and disbelief to learn that today is in fact July 25. It’s cool to just blame pregnancy brain for being a day behind, right?

2) My excitement to meet this child is growing – a lot. I just want to know – boy or girl? And I want to hold my dear baby and see him or her, and enjoy a sweet, tiny newborn.

3) My fear of being a mom of two babies is also growing. At this point, I just do not have the emotional or physical energy to keep up with Corban after working all day, and I know waking up six times a night with a newborn is 10 times harder than being pregnant. So I’m sure everything will be a bit challenging at first, although I won’t be working… which brings me to my next thought…

4) I keep thinking once I’m on maternity leave I’ll have time to do all the junk around the house that is currently neglected because I have no energy beyond working 40 hours a week and scraping by as a mom. Am I crazy? I also have this idea that I will be able to attend playdates and go out and do typical mom things that happen during working hours. I probably am crazy.

5) I joined a fitness challenge with a few other moms (basically we just set goals for ourselves each week and then get points for meeting them) and it has been really motivating for me to be consistent with what I know I should be doing to prepare for labor and the end of pregnancy. My goals seem really silly compared to my pre-motherhood athletic endeavors, but they are important and make me feel healthier. I’m focusing on walking, squats, pelvic floor exercises, sitting on an exercise ball (yes, sitting is considered exercise for me at this point, haha), drinking water, eating vegetables and getting enough protein in my diet.

6) I really desire to have a natural labor and delivery this time. I almost did with Corban (had a tiny bit of painkiller in the IV at the end), but I didn’t really have any intentions one way or another regarding meds (other than let’s see how I feel and then decide). But now I’m feeling more drawn to do it the old-fashioned way and do whatever I can to prepare myself for that. That means it’s time to check out some natural childbirth books from the library. Any recommendations?

7) I drank a beer tonight. This beer, specifically, and I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had a beer in roughly six months, but it tasted amazing. [And no, it will not give my child fetal alcohol syndrome. My doctor has sanctioned an occasional alcoholic beverage in the third trimester.]

10 thoughts on “7 thoughts at 7 months pregnant

  1. Iris-Nicole McElwee says:

    I am rooting for you to have a totally natural birth! I would NEVER have made it through without my doula! My midwife and her apprentice did an amazing job. I did hit a wall once I reached 8 centimeters–it felt like the baby was going to come out of my butt, sorry TMI. THAT PRESSURE ON MY RECTUM WAS INTENSE. Having a home birth was amazing and I plan to do it again with future children. The pain of labor was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be and I feel like watching a documentary called “The business of being born” really prepared me for how doable unmedicated laboring can be.

    You did SO good the 1st time! I know you can do this.


    • Alison says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, and LOL to your TMI comment. You are brave for doing a home birth! I have thought about a doula and am still considering the option.


  2. litzy margot says:

    If I could do it my first time, you can definitely do it for #2!!

    I have several books you can borrow, including Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth (some of it is ultra crunchy but I still liked it and used it a lot) and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way which I really learned from and attempted up apply during Sam’s birth.

    I am already petrified to have a newborn again after our experiences the past 8 weeks with Sam, so I can’t imagine having a toddler and newborn. I can offer no advice, just sympathy, love and lots of prayers and good vibes!


    • Alison says:

      Thanks! I am realizing now how quickly I’ve forgotten how hard it is in the beginning. But that’s good news for you that all your sleep deprivation WILL at some point become a distant memory — so much so that you’ll want to have another 🙂

      You are my role model for being prepared and confident for childbirth – so we must chat more about this soon.


      • litzy margot says:

        Aw, yay! That makes me happy! I would love to get together and talk natural childbirth! It was so empowering … both to go into it armed with as much knowledge as I could gather, and to be able to execute my birth plan and have such an amazing birth experience. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I am actually looking forward to being pregnant so I can do it again! Having another newborn….still too much in the dredges to say I’m ready for that! But I hope you’re right and that good sleep is not too far away…


  3. MElanie says:

    I used the hypnobirthing book and relaxation tracks (music) and they helped immensely during a short (5.5 hr) and intense labour. Baby was delivered medication free 40 minutes after I arrived at hospital and I was already 10 cm when I arrived.


  4. chondry says:

    “I drank a beer tonight. This beer, specifically, and I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had a beer in roughly six months, but it tasted amazing. [And no, it will not give my child fetal alcohol syndrome. My doctor has sanctioned an occasional alcoholic beverage in the third trimester.]”
    is this only on your mind or you doing it lol


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