Corban at 19 months

I intended to write an 18-month update, but kept putting it off and now Corban is 19 months old! Where to begin?



Corban is definitely a toddler now. He has distinct likes and dislikes, and is so much fun to play and engage with. He throws fits when he doesn’t get his way, but we can usually distract him to end the tears. It’s fascinating to see him experience the world. Everything is so interesting and exciting to him! When he finds a game he likes, he wants to repeat it over and over. Even something simple like me looking away and then snapping my face towards him and grinning can provide prolonged entertainment. Anything can be a game.


The past couple months have been all about language and communication. After he mastered all the animal noises I mentioned in his 16-month update, Corban started waving and saying “bah-bah” whenever we would leave somewhere or prompt him to say bye. Now, he says bye (in his little Southern-sounding voice) to everything — animals at the petting zoo, toys we’re putting away, his car seat. My favorite was after I washed his hands last week and he waved and said “baahh” to the bar of soap.


His other favorite word is “yes,” which sounds like “yeths” or “ess.” Though his speech is still limited, he understands quite a lot, so we often ask him yes or no questions about his preferences and he’ll either say yes and smile or shake his head no.

Probably his third most solid word is ball (“bah”), which he says unprompted whenever he sees one (including the big red spheres on the sidewalk in front of Target — know what I’m talking about?)

If prompted, Corban will say bubble, blueberry, banana, please (just the p sound so far), mama, dada, more and, my absolute favorite, avocado.

Here he is tonight saying his version of avocado, his favorite food.

While I was shooting this video, Biggles jumped on the counter and started munching on my dinner, so I told Corban to say “bad cat” and he surprisingly picked up on the sounds right away. I think we’re on the verge of a language explosion.

Language Comprehension

We have a new favorite game as of the past month or two — identifying objects in picture books. This Sesame Street look and find book is the best for this. It’s huge, colorful and filled with pictures of fun, everyday things (plus some silly things) to identify. He’s learned so many words from this and other books with big illustrated scenes — clowns, fire hydrant, mittens, grasshopper, bench, the list goes on. And it amazes me how quickly he learns and memorizes the names for new objects we teach him from pictures. When I first discovered that Corban could point out specific animals I asked him about in books, it was one of the most exciting parenting moments so far. Now it’s part of our daily routine and can keep Corban engaged for a long time.



Our bedtime routine has become something I cherish (most) every night. It starts between 7:20 and 7:30 and goes something like this: diaper change, PJs on, read in my lap while drinking milk, pray, sing or hum my made-up snuggle puppy song while he rests his head on my shoulder, then rest him in the crib with his blanket and say goodnight. I’m out of the room by 7:40 most nights, and Corban either goes right to sleep or talks and sings to himself for a few minutes before drifting off. He usually gets a solid 11 hours of sleep and wakes between 6:30 and 7 a.m.


This sweet time of the evening turned into a warzone right around 18 months. Our consistent, great sleeper totally went through an 18-month sleep regression. For about two weeks, he just would not go to bed at bedtime. He’d fight his diaper change, fight his pajamas, refuse his milk, squirm out of my lap and do everything he could to reverse the progression of our routine — run around, escape out of his room, grab book after book to restlessly read, scream and cry. When I would finally get him into his crib, usually around 8, he would cry sometimes until 8:30 before passing out. Any contact during that time would just prolong the misery — of course if we picked him up and held him he would calm down, only to cry again the instant we made a move toward the crib. Our pediatrician said this was totally normal, and that we have to resist Corban’s trickery and stick to his bedtime. Thankfully, it got better and we’re back to a pleasant routine.

Even during the regression, naptime remained a consistent 1.5- to 2.5-hour affair every afternoon from about noon to 2 p.m.

While we were on vacation in Branson, Mo., this past week, we learned just how valuable an early bedtime and sufficient sleep is. He stayed up late several nights and the next day was a different kid — totally crabby and frustrating. Not worth it!


Doing this cheesy grin to make people laugh:


Throwing things (usually balls).


Sitting in the driver’s seat of cars (or boats).


Playing ring around the rosie.

Singing songs with hand motions, like Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus.

Sesame Street or Curious George in the morning (Daddy’s guilty pleasure so he can snooze while I’m in the shower).


Stuffed animals (he’ll hug every single one in a store).


Blowing bubbles.

Giving kisses (nothing better than receiving a sweet Corban kiss!)


Sweeping or playing with anything that has a long stick (like any cleaning tool — mop, pool cleaner, Swiffer, etc.)


Our poor cats.



Eating with utensils.




Pushing his stroller.

Pressing his mouth against glass doors.


The two rides he could go on at Silver Dollar City.



Weight: ~27 pounds
Height: 34 inches
Clothes size: 18 months
Diaper size: Size 4, but we switched to cloth a few weeks ago! So third or fourth snap in on BumGenius 4.0s. Separate post to come on that.
Shoe size: 5 or 6
Teeth: Aside from his last set of molars, two more teeth are coming in right now and that just about completes the set.

One more video – Corban doing the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

4 thoughts on “Corban at 19 months

  1. litzy margot says:

    He is just amazing! I love reading these posts more than ever, having so much fun to look forward to with Sam! I miss you guys tons. Oh, and the avocado and itsy bitsy spider videos are the best!!!


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