But you don’t need a card to tell you that

As I made Corban’s Father’s Day card for Peter last night (praying Peter wouldn’t come walking into the room and ruin the surprise), I felt really grateful.

Here’s the front of the card:


On the inside I wrote the truth: “…but you don’t need a card to tell you that.”

That simple truth made me smile.

Corban is so in love with Peter, and it’s obvious. Sure, he loves me, too, but right now Dada is number one.

He covers Peter in kisses, plants himself in his lap for story time and bawls his eyes out when Peter goes out the front door just to get the mail.

As adults, I think we often find ourselves using birthday and holiday cards to tell people the things we’re not sure we effectively show them in person. It was special knowing there was nothing I could write in that card that Corban doesn’t already show Peter every day.


We all had a really fun Father’s Day (although I’m pretty sure every day is really fun for Corban – playtime, storytime, naptime, park, stroller ride… this is his everyday life).


I hope that as the years go by, Corban’s love is still impossible to hide, and mine becomes so evident that cards do nothing more than state the obvious.

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