Pregnancy #2: 24 weeks

That number of weeks just keeps creeping up on me. Soon I’ll be starting the third trimester – I’m not ready for that yet!

On one hand, I am super excited to meet this little one. I know just how amazing it is to hold a tiny newborn – my tiny newborn – and I am looking forward to that day with this baby. I feel more prepared and relaxed about the logistics of taking care of a new baby this time around.

But on the other hand, I have a massive deadline at work not long before my due date (each week that ticks closer to baby’s arrival also counts down to that) and, unrelated, we just haven’t really done much to prepare our house for this transition. That basically means moving our current office into the basement and creating a bedroom for Corban in that room. It’s more daunting than it seems and I’m almost paralyzed as to how to begin the whole process. We’re also finally starting to see some nice weather here after a miserable winter and spring, so it’s hard to focus on that kind of work on the weekends when there’s yardwork, festivals and fun to be had outdoors.

I think it will help to first make a big list of everything that needs to be done, broken down into manageable tasks, and then start chipping away at it on weeknights.

Here’s a pic from last week at a few days past 23 weeks:


Definitely have popped! Here’s my last photo:


Physically, I’ve been feeling relatively good these past few weeks. My energy levels have been high and I haven’t felt too limited by my body. I am starting to notice more of the annoying pregnancy symptoms that I remember from last time, though: itchy eyes, constant congestion, decreased lung capacity, bad skin, aches and pains. My leg pain I wrote about in my last update seemed to subside after I took a yoga class, and my doctor thought it was probably just a muscle strain. Corban is getting harder for me to carry – probably also due to his increasing weight.

Although I have not had the most active pregnancy this time around, this baby sure is active! I feel lots of kicks and enjoy every single one. Although, sometimes it’s distracting, like when we were at the movies last night or when I was in a meeting today.

My appetite is still a bit off and I’m sure it will continue this way until the baby is born. I cope by listening to my cravings and planning meals accordingly. This usually involves lots of cheese.

We finally are making some good progress with baby names. Up until the past couple weeks I’ve felt lukewarm about seemingly every name there is, but Peter and I spent a great deal of our car ride to Missouri and back over Memorial Day weekend discussing names, and we now have a good list of possibilities for this baby and any future children. I am extremely picky about certain things when it comes to names, and have a bunch of unofficial rules I can’t bring myself to break regarding first letters, endings, styles and how all the family names sound together. I’m actually really excited about the names on our list because they fit together so nicely.

Tomorrow I turn 27 and will spend the day with Corban, at a playdate and perhaps some other adventures. I took the day off work with no intention of doing anything crazy. I don’t even really have the desire to relax (which wouldn’t be possible with C-boy, anyway). I just want to have a normal day doing fun stuff with my son. I plan to take a few more days off this summer for the same reason. He only has a few more months as an only child so we need to live it up!

Last pregnancy at this time…

Last time at 24 weeks, it was the week of Labor Day. I had an energetic week – did a bunch of meal prep and freezing, worked out three times (including Body Pump – go me!), went to a maternity store for the first time to buy a coat and went out for karaoke on that Saturday night. I had gained 13 pounds at that point, compared to 10 or 11 this time.

Sadly, Body Pump and karaoke have not been a part of my life recently, but this time around I get to enjoy Corban kisses, and that’s even better!

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: 24 weeks

  1. litzy margot says:

    Wow, it crazy you are almost to the third tri! Can’t believe it. Likewise, can’t believe I’m typing this to you with a sleeping newborn in my arms 🙂 Happy early birthday, dear friend!


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