Recipe for a perfect Milwaukee weekend

If all weekends were like this past weekend, I’d have no complaints! Here’s my recipe for a perfect Milwaukee weekend.


For Friday:

1 girls movie night


1 plateful of unhealthy snacks

Many fun conversations

For Saturday:

24 hours of gorgeous weather

1 BFF in town to visit


2 miles walked along Lake Michigan


1 sweet toddler who refused to keep a plastic firefighter hat on his head, but didn’t mind sitting in the truck



Table for 3 on the patio at Wolf Peach


2.5-hour nap for baby

45-minute naps for adults

3 blooming trees in our backyard


5 restaurants visited on a walking food tour of the Third Ward

1 weird band at a Gatsby-themed party at the Milwaukee County Historical Society (awesome building)


7 old vaults in the building


A basementful of historic Milwaukee artifacts, seen on a quick tour

1 hour of jazz at Caroline’s

11 p.m.-ish bedtime after a full day

For Sunday:

1 enlightening sermon during church

3 bump-friendly summer dresses bought at Marshall’s

2 seats at the bar of St. Paul Fish Company in the Milwaukee Public Market

1 lobster dinner (best deal in town) and 1 tuna melt for a late lunch

1 hug goodbye

2-mile (roundtrip) walk to a new-to-me park

40 minutes of playtime on the slides and steps

1 mom and 1 grandma in town for Monday babysitting


3 cups full of self-serve frozen yogurt piled with toppings

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in succession for weekend filled with lots of smiles.

So, anyone else want to visit Milwaukee? I’ll keep you busy! As long as I have inertia, I can just keep going and going.

It’s weekends like these that remind me why I love living here. Sometimes showing your city to an out-of-town guest is the best way to enjoy it. And for the record, I would highly recommend all of the above restaurants and activities if you’re in the area.

Although I said “no complaints” about this weekend, I really do have one complaint. I didn’t get to spend much time with Peter. He graciously stayed home with Corban both nights so I could have fun with friends. Truthfully, he prefers to stay home… but I think he would have preferred me to be there with him. So that was the one imperfect part of the weekend.

But I’ll end on a good note: while the weekend was loads of fun, the week so far has been productive. Last night and tonight I got my garden (just spinach and lettuce so far) covered to keep little munchers out, ran some overdue errands, cleared my closet of non-maternity-friendly clothes and got four loads of laundry done and put away (mostly thanks to my mom and grandma). Getting things done feels good too.

4 thoughts on “Recipe for a perfect Milwaukee weekend

  1. Safia says:

    Friends, family, good food, great weather, music, fun… Yep, definitely sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Milwaukee seems like an interesting city to live/visit. Ok, I’ll take you up on your offer of a tour!:-). After all, It’s only about an 8 or 9h flight from London (UK)! Cute photos of Corban. My son Noah (who turned 16 months earlier this week) is the same with hats. Such a shame, they’re so cute with hats at that age!

    By the way, your mom could pass for your sister on that photo. Random comment, I know, but it had to be said!:).


    • Alison says:

      I’m sure my mom would appreciate that comment 🙂 Milwaukee is tiny compared to London, but it has it’s own vibe and charm. I love big cities too, though!


  2. Chelsea says:

    Looks like a wonderful weekend. I just bookmarked your post. I live in Madison, and we really haven’t spent much time in Milwaukee because we just didn’t know what was there to do. Now I have lots of good ideas.


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