Halfway through pregnancy #2

Tuesday marks 20 weeks – the halfway point – of this pregnancy! (Or, if the baby comes early, like Corban did, we’re already more than halfway there. Eek.)

While the first trimester seemed to drag on and on (feeling sick all the time seems to have that effect), the second trimester has sped by so far.

I jumped right into wearing maternity clothes at the start of the second trimester. I still wear some non-maternity tops (some maternity shirts look pretty baggy on me still) but maternity is a must for pants now.

Physically, I’ve felt pretty normal for the second trimester thus far. My appetite came back as soon as I hit 13 weeks and I enjoyed tons of great food while on vacation in Charleston, SC. Since then, appetite, cravings and aversions have slowly become more hit or miss. I’ve started to notice, like during my last pregnancy, that some of my favorite foods just don’t taste as great as they normally do. I think my taste buds are just a little off. Bummer.

I’m just starting to notice more aches and pains that come with a growing belly. New to the list this time is an intense pain in my groin and inner left thigh whenever I move my legs to get out of bed or lift my left leg (like to put pants on or sometimes even to walk). I Google-diagnosed myself with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which essentially is pain associated with a joint in your pelvis widening more than it should during pregnancy. It doesn’t seem serious, but I am not looking forward to spending the next 20 weeks with it. Has anyone else dealt with this? Don’t worry – I will be asking my doctor about it at my next appointment.

On to the fun part…  here’s a peek at the growing bump, and the growing big brother alongside it.




Note Corban’s changes from pre-first haircut to post-haircut to the present, with his shagginess back again (I love it).

We got to see the little one this past week via ultrasound. That, plus my growing belly, makes this all seem a bit more real.


The day before the ultrasound, I realized I really want to find out whether this baby is a boy or a girl. We didn’t find out with Corban, and I loved every minute of the suspense and surprise. But this time, it’s different. We are pretty much ready for the baby as far as gear is concerned (we just did this, after all) and we know generally what to expect (although every child is different, yada yada yada). So finding out the sex is just more at the forefront of my mind this time. I want to imagine the sibling dynamic, to shop for baby girl clothes if it’s a girl, to go through all of Corban’s old clothes if it’s a boy. I just have a stronger desire to immediately satisfy my curiosity this time.

Alas, since I came to this realization a mere 24 hours before the ultrasound, I was not able to convince Peter or myself to change the game plan and find out. So another surprise it is. (Unless we have another ultrasound at some point :))

Emotionally, I am just starting to really think about this baby and the changes that will come to our family. I am so excited to once again experience the joy of bringing a new life into the world. I love that our family is growing, and I can’t wait to see Corban interact with the new baby.

At the same time, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of having another child. In my mom’s words, “One is like none and two is like ten.” So far, Corban really has felt as close to “none” as possible. He was such an easygoing infant and continues to have an easy demeanor. But even if we are blessed with two Corbans, our world will be significantly more complicated. Just leaving the house will be much more challenging. Parents of two or more kids, how scared should we be?

It’s also starting to hit me that we actually do have some major things to do before the baby arrives. Like move our super messy, cluttered office into the basement and set up Corban’s new big boy room. The weeks just keep coming and going, but in the next month or so we’ll need to schedule some significant time to focus on those tasks. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

4.5 months down. 4.5 months to go. Time to get moving!

9 thoughts on “Halfway through pregnancy #2

  1. litzy margot says:

    I love the pictures! What a great idea!!! You look wonderful and while I’m sure two will be complicated sometimes, it will also be amazing. And once the infant stage for #2 passes, C will have a playmate-fun for him, great for you 🙂


  2. Jessica says:

    Love your blog…congrats on the impending arrival. I am 36 weeks along with my second and had that same pain you are having for a while. It did g away at some point, just to he replaced with really painful round ligament pain. I see a chiropractor for that and it is amazing how much better I feel! Good luck!


    • Alison says:

      Good to know it went away for you! My doctor is a DO and has chiropractic experience, so hopefully she will be able to help me if it continues.


  3. ally says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy!! and the halfway mark! So exciting! During my pregnancy with my twins I suffered from extreme pelvic and sacro-iliac pain, but fortunately was treated by an amazing pelvic physio (in Cape Town, South Africa – unfortunately for you). Check out the info on her site: http://www.pelvicfunction.co.za/p_aches.htm. Moral of the story – move your body VERY carefully! If it hurts, don’t do it! Stay off your feet if you can, and don’t sit uneccessarily either… (not easy I know). Make sure your weight is always evenly distributed across your hips. Hope you get some relief. . for some people it lasts only a few days! (not me.. but that’s my luck).
    Regarding being a mom of more than one little one? It’s BUSY I tell you!! And I wish I had more one-on-one time with each of them.. but it just means we have to make an extra effort to give them individual attention. The upside, they have a built-in play mate! its lovely seeing siblings have fun together.. !
    Good luck and enjoy!!


  4. Iris-Nicole McElwee says:

    1st of all, you look amazing!!!!
    2nd of all I had the same pelvic issue during pregnancy and suffered from severe pressure/pain behind my clitoris up until my baby boy Hezekiah hit 4 months old.
    I especially notice it even now when I squat for prolonged periods, I had to go to a chiropractor for a pelvic adjustment and that took away the inner thigh issue I was having. I still feel a twinge there too now and baby will be 5 months this Thursday.

    I am going back and forth on whether to have another baby too. Some days I envision having a daughter and other days I’m like NO way!!!! lol
    Having one kid is challenging, especially since I am exclusively pumping–that is a huge commitment.


    • Alison says:

      Glad to hear chiropractor helped for the pelvic pain. My doctor also does chiropractic adjustments, so hopefully she can help!

      Props to you for staying dedicated to pumping! There was no question that we wanted to have more than one kid (and we don’t plan on stopping at two…) but like anything, it’s kind of a daunting adjustment to think about. In the long run I know it will be wonderful having a big family, so that brings me comfort. Hezekiah is still so young, picturing another at that stage probably just seems crazy, haha. Wait till he is a little older and it might seem more realistic 🙂


  5. Gypsy says:

    Someone used your ultrasound picture and put her name on it. She claimed she lost the baby at 7 1/2 months. I figured I’d tell you. She saod it was HER baby and HER picture. I just figured I’d do the right thing and say something.


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