What I’ve been cooking (and therefore eating)

As a recovering food blogger, I find myself doing things like writing down detailed modifications to recipes as I make them, composing descriptions in my head of the meals I’m tasting and feeling guilty for not photographing a new recipe before chowing it down.

My food blog of 4+ years kind of fizzled out this past year. I took a four-month break from blogging at Kitchen Adventures during my maternity leave, and then when I came back, not only was I too busy at work to have much time to blog, but my passion for trying new recipes and cooking techniques kind of faded for a while as we adjusted to life as parents.

At some point this past fall, I went a week, then a month, then two months without writing a single post, nor having much inclination to write one. So that marked the unofficial adios of Kitchen Adventures.

Perhaps I’ll revisit that decision (and writing this post actually makes me want to now, so don’t write off KA just yet!), but for now I’ve got some food blogging I need to get off my chest.

Here’s the best of what I’ve been cooking recently. (Of course, I only have a photo of one recipe.)


Falafel-Stuffed Pitas with Tahini Sauce from Mama Pea | This was great fresh, but got dried out as leftovers. The tomatoes really brought all the flavors together.

Crock Pot Pork and Apples from Eat Live Run | 5 ingredients. 6 hours in the slow cooker. Peter liked it. Corban liked it. I liked it. WIN. [I shredded it all up at the end and served it mixed together.]

Szechuan Broccoli and Quinoa from Mama Pea | Another crowd pleaser. Super flavorful and healthy.

Coconut Curried Shrimp with Coconut Rice from What’s Gaby Cooking | I am definitely making this again soon. The shrimp was rich and slightly spicy, with the perfect crunch to it.

Roasted Cauliflower and Tahini Salad from Daily Garnish | This sounds like the weirdest salad ever, but once I had one serving of this sweet and bitter flavor combination, I was addicted.

Quick Sesame Soba Noodles from Eat Live Run | Peter wasn’t a huge fan, but I thought these sweet, tender buckwheat noodles were satisfying hot or cold, fresh or leftover. Very quick and easy to make.

Hippie Bowls from Daily Garnish | This may seem like an odd mix of ingredients – including carrots, raisins and quinoa – but a creamy peanut sauce really brings them all together.

African Peanut Stew adapted from Mama Pea | This is a longtime favorite of mine that I blogged about at Kitchen Adventures a couple years ago. It’s a keeper.

20-minute Vegetarian Chili with Pumpkin Cornbread from Daily Garnish | I made both these recipes twice in a row one weekend. They are really easy and perfect for dinner guests.

Slow Cooker Paella | You’ll have to wait for this one – I’ll write about it in a future blog post.


You may have noticed there are a few bloggers whose recipes I am consistently drawn to (Mama Pea and Daily Garnish are my two faves. The Peas and Thank You cookbook rocks). Meal planning is easier knowing I can just browse their sites and I’m bound to find a reliable recipe that suits my taste. And, related, here’s a post on how I meal plan (which I don’t do every week, but always wish I had on the weeks I skip!)

Perhaps you’ll start seeing some more food posts around here. I’m obviously in a bit of withdrawal.

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