A happy new year

I am in such a good mood going into 2013!

2012 was a great year. It will be remembered as the year we attended nine weddings, the year Corban went from helpless, tiny newborn to sweet, lively almost-toddler, our first year as parents and the year Peter worked nearly exclusively from home and I finagled my vacation days to spend one day of almost every week I worked home with Corban. We saw lots of dear friends who live far away in 2012. We met new friends and went outside of our comfort zone. I spent 21 weekends out of town (Peter and C were with me for most of them except for a few bachelorette parties). We hosted more visitors than ever before and our new basement guest bedroom quarters got lots of use. Looking back, my heart is full as I think of all the treasured relationships that were nurtured in 2012.

Looking ahead, though, I feel like 2013 is a crisp, white piece of paper waiting to be written on. The frenzy of our travels for weddings, showers, bachelorette parties and holidays has slowed down and we should have more time to freely choose how we spend our weekends in 2013. It brings a welcome sense of calm and possibility.

I’ll address goals for the year in a moment, but first, some highlights from this very first day of 2013. The year is off to a great start.

Corban slept through the night (until 6:05 a.m., at least)! We let him play in our room while we attempted to sleep in a bit, then enjoyed a pancake breakfast.


Plain, chocolate chip, blueberry and coconut varieties.

Corban was in a great mood for morning playtime, and impressed us by correctly identifying the sheep from his Little People nativity by bringing it to me when I asked (twice!) I am continually amazed by how much he is starting to pick up on.

After his nap and lunch (and lots of messing around — it takes forever to get out of the house with a one-year-old) we headed over to a local county park for some sledding. I spent many long hours in 2011 training for the Birkebeiner on the cross-country trails of Minooka Park, but had never sled down its giant sledding hill.


It’s almost too gigantic. It’s great fun going down, but walking back up really takes it out of you. They need a tow rope! We did one run with Corban secured between us on the sled, but it’s a little too steep and fast for him. He didn’t seem scared, but also didn’t seem to love it, so we opted not to risk it any further. (We also may have been too winded after carrying him up the hill to consider repeating.)


Instead, Peter headed out for a loop on skis, while I played with Corban in the snow (he loved crawling), then pulled him around in his little red sled, which he loves speeding around in.




We warmed up in the car while Peter finished, and then it was my turn to go out on skis. Believe it or not, the last time I cross-country skiied was the 34.5-mile Birkie race in 2011! Being out there reminded me not only of how woefully out of shape I am, but how much I enjoy getting out and enjoying the snowy trails. We will have to figure out a way to fit more skiing in this winter (a significant challenge with a baby).


We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening just being together at home, watching Corban be his hilarious little self and snuggling with the cats. What a perfect few hours in time.


Back to goals. First let’s look at last year’s and assess how I did:

  • Work out at least 3 times each week. I did great with this for the first half of the year. I drew three little boxes in my planner each week and checked one off for each workout. Then I went back to work full time and, honestly, fitness dropped off my radar. Not only did I feel I didn’t have the time or discipline to keep it up, but I had no desire. My priorities changed, and I accepted that working out just wasn’t one of them anymore. I’m OK with this for now, though I’d like to add just a little something back into my routine.
  • Read 20 books. I really thought this was the year I would accomplish this goal! But, alas, I only made it to 14. I did have more diversity in my reading list this year though. It included parenting books, Christian books, a historical non-fiction book and, of course, good old fiction. I should also note that one book I read was 976 pages (“The Pillars of the Earth”) so maybe that should count as two!
  • Run a half-marathon. Nope. Just didn’t happen. See first goal, above.
  • Eat dinner as a family at least 3 times a week. This wasn’t really practical for most of the year, since it’s hard to sit down together with an infant. New parent goal-setting fail!
  • Be more present and stop to appreciate the now. OK, so I actually DID meet one goal from last year! This one is hard to quantify, and I know there are many moments I got stressed or wrapped up in and didn’t appreciate until after the fact, but for the most part I felt this goal was accomplished. Each night nursing Corban before bed… playing on the floor with him… standing on the altar in a friend’s wedding… holding hands with Peter on a road trip… that’s just a sampling of little moments I stopped to savor, and that made them all the sweeter as they were happening.

For 2013, I decided not to create a list of goals, per se. In this family-building, new parenthood stage of our lives, it’s just not realistic or even important to me to set and meet goals for fitness, cooking, reading, etc. Instead, Peter and I came up with a list of things we want to do this year. A 2013 Sherwood To Do List that should be mostly fun to check things off of. Here’s a sample of some items on our list:

  • See at least one play.
  • Save $[a certain, lofty amount of money]
  • Have the neighbors over
  • Paint the kitchen
  • Get a massage (this one is just me… and I have two gift certificates that I just need to give myself permission to use!)
  • Go on one date night OUT each month (like, hire a babysitter and do something just the two of us)

I still do love resolutions, so if you made any, please do comment and share them or the link! It’s inspiring just to read others’ goals.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “A happy new year

  1. Laura B says:

    No resolution here… not my thing a at all (probably because I hardly ever see any to completion). But I did want to drop a note saying- we are close (ish) to Minooka, and would be happy to have Corban over to play with the girls, if you and Peter need some adult skiing time!


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