Easy closet makeover

Inspired by the first month’s “Happier at Home” challenge to cultivate “shrines” (places you spend a lot of time) and by my mom’s and sister’s recent closet makeovers, I decided to tackle my own closet. The goal: make it easier and more pleasant to get ready each morning. I made a few simple changes to accomplish that goal.

Here’s a look at my closet before. Apologies for the cringe-inducing photo quality.


(Yes, I own four Snuggies. One is Peter’s actually. But apparently I look like a person who enjoys a good blanket with sleeves, because I’ve received more than one as a gift.)


Pretty stuffed with clothes, and haphazardly storing towels, purses and miscellaneous junk.

Here’a a look at the closet after my little makeover:



Not just less cluttered, but smarter! I thought about my daily routine and considered what I could change about my closet to make it assist me in that routine.

First up: the shelves. Here are my top two shelves before — storing bath towels, hand towels and washcloths (along with old journals).


The towels had to go. I moved them into our bathroom, where I just stacked them next to the jacuzzi tub. It was space unused by anyone except Basil, who liked to chase her tail in that corner. I think she’s moved on, though, and I’ve cleared out a shelf!

I moved sweaters up to that shelf, leaving a few select towels and pillow cases on the top shelf with the journals.


Here is what my middle two shelves looked like before:


The upper of those two shelves was cleared when I moved some sweaters up, so I then had a free shelf to work with.

I decided to move all my jewelry into the closet. I had been keeping it on my bathroom counter, but it made more sense to keep accessories in the space that I use to get dressed, rather than on valuable bathroom counter space.


I used this jewelry organizer my mom was getting rid of to keep my earrings in view for easy access.


And to complete the jewelry transition and organization, I hung 3M Command hooks on the opposite (previously blank) wall for my necklaces.


I hung a $5 mirror from Michael’s above it. It was a little small, so I found a larger one at the dollar store that has since replaced it. Wonderful $1 upgrade!

I absolutely love having my necklaces hung like that. It makes getting ready so much easier, and it encourages me to wear more of my jewelry since I can easily see it all.

Moving on… here are the bottom two shelves before:


Qué disastre!

I moved those colorful towels into the basement linen closet. I only really use them for hot yoga, which I haven’t been to in about two years. They’re good as extra guest towels though.

My next breakthrough move was to store my underwear and bras in the closet. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I had been keeping them in my dresser out in the bedroom, which is out of the way when showering and getting dressed. Two brown bins from Target did the trick.


And that bottom shelf got a good cleaning out and straightening up. I must admit, however, that Corban crawls in every morning and takes each purse out one by one, so it usually doesn’t look that neat. Whatever keeps him entertained though…

I don’t have a good before photo of this part of the closet, but it was pretty unruly with scarves, skirts and jackets protruding into my personal space every time I stood in there. Here it is now:


I took the hangers that I was using for scarves and moved belts onto them.


That took the belts off their previously overflowing hanger and gave them some better visibility for me. The scarves moved to a hanger outfitted with shower hooks and hung nicely on a hook on the wall behind the closet door.


They key here is to use a velvety/textured hanger. I tried it on a regular plastic hanger and the shower curtain hooks all slid to one corner.

This floor space got some straightening up, too. I got rid of some bags I never use and took the area from this:


To this:


It’s amazing how much more functional my closet is now, thanks to these few simple upgrades. The total cost was probably about $25, for hooks, a mirror and cloth bins. Everything else was made possible by just reorganizing or repurposing things.

Before and after:


If you have any closet-related organization tips, please share!


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