One year ago today

One year ago today, I was 36 weeks pregnant. Peter and I trampled off after church with our friend Anna Sparks for a maternity photo shoot. It was cold, but we shed our coats and scampered around Mequon and Cedarburg to get some good shots in what would be my last days of pregnancy (funny how I bought some cute new maternity clothes for the shoot, only to wear them once because Corban was born four days later!)

We took some Christmas shots in downtown Cedarburg – the most festive town around here!



Yesterday, we found ourselves, by chance, back in Cedarburg to meet up with my BFF Laura, who was in town with her mom.

Of course, we had to attempt to recreate the shots from one year ago, but this time with Corban outside my belly!



Didn’t quite get the same angle, but close enough. Here’s a side-by-side:


My, how quickly a year goes by. Amazing how fast babies change, how naturally one can adapt to parenthood, how wonderful it is to witness human development and how your heart can learn to love someone more and more with each passing day.

Corban turns one on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll have more sentimental words for you in the coming days as I reflect on this first birthday, but for now I’ll leave you with another photo from yesterday. We attempted to visit Santa in his gingerbread house, but he wasn’t home. Wah wah.


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