On Thursday, I started writing a post about our pretty predictable schedule these days. Then, of course, the next three days were completely erratic and unpredictable. Little baby was sick for the first time.

In the past Corban has had runny noses from teething, itchy eyes from plugged tear ducts and mild fevers from vaccines, but Friday he got sick for real, with conjunctivitis (pink eye), a cough and a fever.

It really wasn’t terrible considering how much worse there is out there, but he was crabby and listless most of the weekend. As Peter put it, he had a heavy head – always resting against our chests.

He napped a ton, often in our arms or with us on the couch. One time my little boy who needs things just so to go down for a nap passed out within seconds of me lifting him into my lap.

Corban also, surprisingly, didn’t want to nurse much this weekend. He would take a bottle of breast milk though. We’re guessing he was just uncomfortable lying down to eat.

And you know something’s up when your enthusiastic eater sits with a tray full of cantaloupe in front of him, just staring blankly ahead.

We got a few laughs out of him this weekend, though. The boy still loves to dance, even when sick, and he can always find it in him to knock down some block towers. And sometimes kitties are the best medicine (shout out to Biggles for being such a good big brother and letting Corban swat at his face).

Last night, he either felt better or worse – I’m not entirely sure – because he was alert and ready to play for about three hours in the middle of the night, but he would scream and writhe hysterically if we tried to soothe him to sleep. It was definitely a throwback to the newborn days when we had no idea a) how to get him to sleep at night and b) if we would get any sleep at all ourselves. It actually made me a bit nostalgic for that era when clocks were meaningless and Peter and I had one singular focus: take care of Corban.

That said, I do hope he sleeps tonight. I have no problem with a weekend spent at home – mostly on the couch, napping a lot, snuggling always – but our usual routine means Corban is healthy, and for that reason I think we’re all ready to welcome back the predictable schedule.

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