Halloween fun

Because Milwaukee is strange and holds trick-or-treating on weekend days if Halloween falls on a weekday, I feel like it’s already over. I guess it pretty much is, since we had trick-or-treating tonight, so there isn’t really much left to celebrate. Still three more days till the actual holiday though!

Corban’s first Halloween was pretty low key, but we had a great time.

Friday, we carved/decorated pumpkins with friends. I got Corban his own baby pumpkin – a pie pumpkin, actually, so perhaps I’ll roast it at some point – and while the rest of the kids painted and carved, he sat and held it (and probably had just as much fun). We like to keep things simple.

An ice cream scoop also provided some entertainment.

I enjoyed carving my own pumpkin – one of my favorite annual traditions that has been forsaken the past couple years.

For a while, Corban had a crayon in his hand, and when we got home I noticed his pumpkin looked like this:

That seems a little advanced for a 10-month-old, so I’m guessing someone else did it, but it’s proudly displayed as part of our kitchen table centerpiece anyway.

Those flowers were a great investment. I bought them several weeks ago at the grocery store and they still look relatively fresh.

Anyway, tonight Corban debuted his very first Halloween costume! I had started brainstorming ideas last month for a cute baby costume before I remembered that I already had one – and actually had for several years. It’s a costume that has a special meaning too.

Back in high school, my friends and I were obsessed with lobsters. We had a lobster hat that bonded us together in a lifelong sisterhood.

Lobster even came to my wedding.

These are the kinds of photos that happen at a 22-year-old’s wedding.

Anyway, suffice to say lobsters have a special place in my heart. A friend sent me the baby lobster costume four years ago, and it’s been sitting in my closet ever since. It fits Corban perfectly right now, so my baby Halloween costume search was cut short and made very easy.

He’s ready for candy!

Just kidding.

We just spent the evening visiting with our neighbors. C was a trooper, as always, tolerating the bonnet like a champ. He did look like a girl with his pink pacifier, though.

By the time it was dark enough for my pumpkin to come to life, trick-or-treating was over.

I lit it anyway.


Halloween costumes: please share! What are you or your kids dressing up as?

5 thoughts on “Halloween fun

  1. Erin says:

    Jael and Josiah are going to be hobos……easy purchases from Goodwill so I was happy with that.

    I think it is funny that I can see the blow dryer in the background of one of your pics.


  2. Laura B says:

    He’s pretty adorable as a lobster! We wished we could have made it to decorate pumpkins. Looked like a good time.

    Ev is going as her favorite Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, and Ad will “go” as Ev’s second favorite, Prairie Dawn. We are all pretty excited.


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