10-month update

Ten months old! Eep! This year has flown by, and motherhood just keeps getting better and better thanks to this little guy.

Age 10 months
Weight: ~22 lb.
Clothes: 12-month and 18-month
Two more bottom teeth are coming in, for a total of six
Still not sleeping through the night, and still trying to figure out a plan for how to proceed, but he goes down easy at 6:45 or 7 p.m. and is up for the day around 6:30 a.m.
Naps: Two naps a day, and it needs to be quiet for them
Noises: Makes silly sounds all the time, and says lots of “da,” “ma” and “na.” Sometimes will try to imitate your sounds and words.
Nursing: No changes really – still nurses or has a bottle of breast milk 5 times a day. No formula.
Pumping: I’m starting to pump only once a day some days because it ends up being close to the same amount if I time it right
Solids: Three meals a day and loving it. Great eater.
Crawling: Everywhere.
Standing: Pulls up on furniture.
Favorite games: Bubbles, peek-a-boo, toy cars, playing music
Favorite books: “Bunny and Friends,” “Spot Says Goodnight,” “Goodnight Gorilla.” Loves lifting flaps, turning pages and petting touch-and-feel books.

I’m so impressed with how much smarter Corban seems this month than last month. Now he understands how books work and loves to be read to (especially interactive books), he is starting to problem solve and he knows how to use toys properly. Like this car ramp – he picks up the car and drops it down the ramp. If it gets stuck, he tries to push it through.

Peter and I noticed one morning that he kept pressing the button on his Baby Einstein music player to skip through the songs, but he would stop on this one particular song and listen all the way through. Three times in a row he went directly to that song and listened calmly. Apparently he has a favorite. It just overwhelms me that he figured that out (not that I think he’s a genius or anything… I’m just amazed by baby development in general).

Now that he’s fully mobile, Corban is into everything. Things like the central vac duct are fascinating (he plays with it every day, usually multiple times).

No more sitting on a blanket outside, content with a few toys. Now we take our eyes off him for a few minutes and he’s eating dirt.

Of course, that means I have to grab a few pictures before cleaning him up…

He is pulling himself up on furniture, so we had to lower the crib. As soon as I walked in one morning and saw this, I knew it was time:

Now I come in after naps and he is standing up against the side of the crib, ready to roll. On the flip side, if he doesn’t want to go down, he will stand up and cry. Not cool, C-man.

We upped Corban’s solids consumption this month, so now he eats three squares a day. It’s still mostly fruits and vegetables, with some toast and yogurt thrown in there, but I also started giving him more of what we’re eating as long as it’s healthy. He’s had lasagna, pork, squash soup and duck. He is an enthusiastic eater and hasn’t rejected anything in a long time.

We also introduced a straw cup this month. He drinks a little water at some meals, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet. Sometimes he sucks it in but just lets it dribble back out while he continues drinking more. It’s messy, but he’s slowly getting better, and he sure loves grabbing that cup.

We took a trip to Peter’s hometown in Missouri this past month for his mom’s 60th birthday, and Corban met his canine cousin, Forrest — not for the first time ever, but for the first time since he’s become more aware of the world around him. Corban was a little bit afraid at first – he’s a giant dog – but warmed up pretty quickly.

His true love is for the cats though. Basil stays out of range of little hands, but Biggles takes astounding abuse from Corban and doesn’t seem to be all that bothered by it. It’s kind of amusing what he’ll put up with.

I feel so blessed to have this happy little boy in my life. Corban’s incessant joy is infectious. My dad always says “it’s a party all the time with him” and that’s the truth. His laugh is the greatest sound, and I’ll do anything to hear it.

Working full time is a challenge, but we’re doing fine so far. Some days are really tough to be away from Corban (Mondays are the worst, after a weekend full of fun). Other days it just feels normal. One thing is certain, though: Anytime during the week when I’m home and Corban’s awake, I’m 100% focused on him. Our time is so painfully limited during the week that I forget about everything but him for those minutes (sadly not even hours most days).

Here are some of his current favorite activities:

  • Sorting the paper recycling (taking it out of the bin and putting it back in)
  • Smothering Biggles
  • Opening the central vac ducts
  • Splashing in the cats’ water bowl (we have to move it to the counter when he’s out and about)
  • Touch-and-feel books and lift the flap books — also loves turning pages of board books
  • Watching us blow bubbles
  • Splashing in the bath
  • Rinsing his hands in the sink
  • Drumming on anything
  • When you quickly zoom in close to his face
  • Grass, leaves, dirt, sticks

He’s almost always happy, except for…

  • The minute you first lay him in the crib
  • Lying still for diaper or clothes changes
  • Having his face or nose wiped
  • Being closed out of the laundry room (a.k.a. the cats’ room)

Hard to believe we’re only two months away from Corban’s first birthday. I want him to stay this age forever, but I’m also excited for what’s to come. I guess the only thing to do is enjoy each day.

3 thoughts on “10-month update

  1. mcelweewife says:

    He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! i am glad things are going well!
    My little Hezekiah will be here in 6 weeks, give or take. I will be full term (37 weeks) November 27th–that’s when I will begin the count down…


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