Apples, pumpkins and family fun

We had a fun little family day today, just the three of us enjoying perfectly sunny, warm weather and getting some essential fall activities in – apple picking and pumpkin patch time. It was another one of those “better with kids” moments.

Not that pumpkin patches aren’t fun without kids – flashback to almost one year ago:

…but Little Boy is more fun outside of me than inside.

We headed to The Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago, where they actually did have some apples on the trees despite a devastating year for apple orchards (warm spring, then frost, then drought). It was ridiculously packed with families getting their fall on in the incredible 77-degree weather. Once we got out into the orchard, the crowd thinned out though.

We did do a little picking, though due to the aforementioned terrible apple-growing conditions, it was slim.

This contraption is the best.

Corban loves being outside. So much to see, hear and taste.

We tried to get him to stand (assisted) by the growth chart, but he was not in a standing mood. Mr. Jelly Legs was a hard sell on this one.

Some bubbles got him smiling though. No photos, but even tiny bubbles far from expertly blown by Daddy are absolutely fascinating to a 9.5-month-old. Instant success!

Our pumpkin patch experience started with a cute pumpkin-sitting photo op…

…and ended with a parenting fail.

If Corban looks like he is defying gravity in the above pic, I assure you, unfortunately, he isn’t. I unknowingly captured him on his way down. Poor boy!

The tears only lasted a few seconds, and then we were on the hayride to head back. That sun was brutal.

Much better.

With a layer of dust on our skin, a peck of apples in our basket and a tired baby in our arms, we headed home with smiles on our faces.

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