9-month update

The other week when my parents were visiting, my mom asked me, “Did you ever think your life would be like this? That he (Corban) would be so much fun?”

Truthfully, I didn’t have very many expectations going into this whole parenting thing, but I definitely had no idea it would be this great, that each stage would just get better and that one little life could bring so much joy. Again, I want to pause time and enjoy my little 9-month-old a little longer.

Age 9 months
Weight: ~21 lb. (doc appointment tomorrow for the official stats)
Clothes: 9-month and 12-month (though some 9-month stuff is starting to get tight)
Hair: Light brown, silky and ever growing
Eyes: Looking more brown than blue, but still multi-hued when you inspect
Two more – top front – just broke through, for a total of four
Change diaper, put on PJs and nurse to sleep at 6:45. Wakes once, either at 2 or 4 a.m., to eat. Up for the day between 6 and 7 a.m. No changes from last month.
Naps: Starting to only nap twice a day, but unfortunately they aren’t consistently any longer than 45 minutes each.
Noises: Loves to blow raspberries. Will repeat baby language words over and over, as if he’s telling you something totally normal. One he says a lot sounds like “habla” so I always ask him, “Habla Español?”
Nursing: No changes really – still nurses or has a bottle of breast milk 5 times a day.
Pumping: I have maximized efficiency with it at work and managed to stay ahead of demand without needing to dip into the excessive freezer supply.
Solids: Up to two meals a day usually, mostly pieces of fruit and cooked vegetables. Loves, loves, loves watermelon. Doesn’t like black beans or green beans.
Crawling: Yeah, baby. And good at it too.
Favorite games: “Where’s Corban?”, me holding him and pretending to trip, playing the keyboard, peek-a-boo, patty cake, being tickled
Favorite book: Still loves “Spot Says Goodnight.” Also has started to love touch and feel books, especially ones with soft, fuzzy fur.

This month’s big milestone: crawling! At the end of month eight he was starting to push up on all fours and rock forward and back. Within a week or so he was scooting a little on his stomach, then scooting everywhere on his stomach, and as of a couple weeks ago, full on crawling. He is getting fast, and has good form too.

This newfound independence has been good for him. He no longer cries if you put him down and walk away for a minute. He loves being able to explore, but he’s sneaky. We have to keep the laundry room door closed because he loves going in there and stealing the cats’ toys and playing in their water bowl. In fact, any time you leave him alone for even a second, he goes racing for the laundry room.

He’s also really into door stoppers.

I never knew they could be so loud and annoying!

Another sign that our little boy is growing up: he started sitting up on his own early in the month. Imagine our surprise to walk in after his nap and find him just sitting there, sweetly talking to himself.

Although recently Corban has been almost 100% happy, he went through a slightly cranky spurt early in the month. We attributed it partially to teething and partially to having a stuffy nose. He HATES having his nose wiped, or his face touched in any manner similar to that.

He still loves the kitties and will now attempt to chase them. Fortunately for the cats, they still have the upper hand. Corban is getting ever-so-slightly better at petting them gently when I control the situation though.

Truly, he just keeps getting more and more fun. In the car, if I’m in the passenger seat and look back at him in the mirror attached to his headrest, he grins at me without fail. He also loves seeing himself in the mirror. It’s our guaranteed method to get a big smile out of him.

A few weeks ago I dusted off our hand-me-down keyboard we got from our neighbors, and it’s been a huge hit ever since.

Corban also enjoys playing the xylophone our nanny brought over. It’s amazing to watch him learn how things work and improve his fine motor skills.

Another favorite toy is his bag of groceries. We take the little cloth sack with produce rattles with us everywhere. He enjoys taking things out of the bag, and carrying them around in his mouth like a puppy.

We’ve successfully eaten out at several restaurants with Corban this month. The key: a spoon to play with before the food arrives (he won’t settle for his usual toys when there’s silverware on the table), and small pieces of food in front of him at all times after that. I always try to order something that comes with a side he can eat (usually fruit), and once he starts eating it’s imperative to keep the food coming. Otherwise our little fruit monster grabs for anything within reach.

Corban also successfully attended two weddings in the past month. The first, my sister’s, you already heard about. The second was our friends’ wedding, and C-baby actually came to both the ceremony and the reception. During the outdoor ceremony, he sat in the grass at my feet and quietly played with flower petals from the aisle. At the reception, the server brought him a plate of chicken fingers and French fries and a coloring book (does he really look that big?), he ate pieces of bread and roasted potatoes and passed out in his car seat under the table once the dancing started. We have seriously been blessed with a baby who does well in any situation.

The next big thing will be standing, and I’m sure it will happen by next month’s update. Sleeping through the night would be nice too, but I’m starting to think I’m destined to be a zombie mom for the rest of my life.

When I was pregnant, I would sometimes get annoyed with people asking me day after day, “How are you feeling?” because the answer was always more or less the same. But now, when co-workers ask how Corban is doing on a weekly, or even daily, basis, I usually have something new and fun to report. Everything changes so quickly, it’s hard even for me to keep up!

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