Coming up for air

Today felt special.

It wasn’t. It was just a regular old Saturday at home. I took Corban for a walk, we played on swings at the park, Peter and I got crazy ambitious and cleaned our entire (previously very cluttered and messy) bedroom and a few other rooms, Corban splashed in the baby pool, I made this for dinner and this for dessert, we watched some Olympics. We did, you know, normal Saturday-at-home things.

But it felt special. You see, this was our first Saturday at home in almost a month! I had forgotten how much you can get done around the house when you have an entire day at your disposal. It felt gooood.

We’ve made it through the craziest part of our crazy summer of weddings. Two more in the next month, then one in November, but the crazy back-to-back everything time is over. The past two months’ weekends have looked something like this: out-of-town shower/bachelorette party, Memorial Day weekend, out-of-town shower/bachelorette party, weekend home, out-of-town wedding, out-of-town wedding, in-town wedding, Fourth of July weekend, out-of-town wedding, out-of-town bachelorette party (high school reunion for Peter and Corban), out-of-town wedding, THIS WEEKEND.

It’s all been fun. Really fun. I feel blessed that we have had so many opportunities to travel and see friends and family this summer. And that’s made all the sacrifices (clean house, home-cooked meals, time to breathe) worth it.

But, man, was it nice to just be home today with no plans!

I have lots to write about – I’m back to work full time, we have a new nanny, Corban is growing up so fast(!), etc. – though things haven’t fully calmed down yet so we’ll have to see if I can find any time to blog over the next few days/weeks. In the meantime here are some photos to represent our summer so far. It’s been crazy, and challenging at times, but we’ve had a blast.

Emily’s bridal shower in Naperville

My sister, Lauren’s, bridal shower in Naperville

Audra’s wedding in St. Louis

Father’s Day in St. Louis

Michelle’s wedding in Virginia Beach | Photo by Hampton Roads Photography

Litzy’s wedding in Cedarburg, Wisc. | Photo by Tim Fitch

Litzy’s wedding in Cedarburg, Wisc. | Photo by Tim Fitch

Julie’s wedding in Appleton, Wisc.

Lauren’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Lauren’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Emily’s wedding in Chicago

Emily’s wedding in Chicago

34 weeks old

Texting his buddies

One thought on “Coming up for air

  1. Audra says:

    Wow! You have been busy! It was so great seeing you twice this summer. I’m glad you had some family time and were able to relax.


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