6-month update

My dear baby is six months old today! I absolutely love this age.

Age: 6 months
Weight: 19 lb. 3 oz.
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: Some of the 6-month clothes are getting tight, some still fit, and a few 9-month items fit
Hair: Light brown, thickening, with bald spot on back of the head!
Eyes: Blue with brown flecks
Asleep between 6:30 and 7 p.m.; wakes once (sometimes not at all) to eat; up for the day between 6 and 6:45 a.m.; early morning nap, early afternoon nap and late afternoon (short) nap
Noises: “Ha,” “Hoo” and high-pitched “Ah”s are the most common
Nursing: Still at least 5 times a day when I’m not working
Solids: Started 3 days ago on brown rice cereal and tried a little sweet potato today
Teething: Probably? He drools a lot and puts everything in his mouth; no teeth yet though
Sitting: Too wobbly to sit on his own – always tips over after a couple seconds
Mobility: Rolls from back to front all the time; wants to crawl but nowhere near capable yet
Essential items: Sophie giraffe, Fischer Price Jumperoo, cloth books

Here are 12 milestones and memories from Corban’s sixth month:

1) He is always, always reaching and grabbing. Then, if possible, whatever he grabs goes in his mouth. This includes burp cloths, clean diapers, hands (ours or his) and even cats’ tails (see #3).

2) His hands are in a constant state of opening and closing. If there’s nothing to grab, he’ll rhythmically and lightly scratch whatever his hand is on (mattress, wall, table, etc.)

3) He is becoming more and more interested in the cats. If given the opportunity, he will place his hands on them and, of course, grab (see #1). This usually results in a fistful of fur and a kitty trying to make a quick exit. Biggles is slightly more tolerant of him; Basil just stays far away. He also loves just watching them move around.

4) He gets distracted really easily. I can no longer have conversations with Peter while nursing because Corban’s head will snap up to watch us. This morning I tried to get his attention to get him to try the sweet potatoes, but he would not take his eyes off Biggles, who was rolling around across the room.

5) Sometimes while nursing (if he’s not super hungry) he’ll pull back, look up at me, smile and then return to eating. And then I melt.

6) This month I got hardcore about healthy sleep and instituted a nap schedule of sorts. It was looking pretty hopeless at first, but after a couple weeks of nap training, things are pretty good now. The key for us was to maintain a similar wake time every morning by not letting him doze in bed with us after he wakes up for the day. We also started letting him cry it out for naps, and as hard as it was (and still is sometimes), it works for us. We aren’t Nazis about it and we know Corban well enough to know when he needs a little extra soothing and when he just needs to soothe himself. Now we’ve got a pretty good routine of going down for a nap between 8:30 and 9 a.m. and between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. (depending on how long the morning nap was). He also usually needs a short late afternoon nap too.

7) The Jumperoo is such a help in the mornings! I usually put him in it while I eat breakfast and start getting ready, and he stays entertained bouncing and playing with the toys on it. Of course he also loves being talked to while bouncing, and will look up and give me a big grin every time I say something to him. It’s a good way to start the day, and it gets him nice and tired for his morning nap.

8) Corban still does really well with strangers. No separation anxiety – yet. He actually thrives in big group settings where he’s being passed around between eager sets of arms. At my sister’s bridal shower, he even fell asleep on a friend’s shoulder amid the din of the party.

9) He laughs the hardest when Peter roughhouses with him (a baby version of roughhousing, of course). He saves those big belly laughs for Daddy.

10) His thighs are so juicy! I could squeeze them all day. I’m also constantly amazed by their softness.

11) He still loves to “fly,” and without fail makes an open-mouthed, rock concert “Yeah!” face every time he swings in close to my face.

12) At bedtime, he almost always falls asleep nursing. I like to take a few extra minutes and sit there, with his sweet, snuggly body in my lap, and stare at his precious sleeping face before placing him in his crib. It’s one of my favorite moments every day.

5 thoughts on “6-month update

  1. badesjarlais says:

    It’s so funny to see what Corban is doing and how he compares to Jake. I seriously just sat her going “Yep…yep. Check, check, check.” They are so similar! One question…did you wean him down to one (or no) feeding at night, or did he just do that on his own? Jake is still eating 2-3 full feedings at night, but we still haven’t started solids.


    • Alison says:

      He has gradually pretty much weaned himself down to one feeding at night. For a while it was 1 to 2, and then more often 1, and now normally 1 with one or two nights a week of sleeping through the night (10-11 hours). The one thing I did was on the nights he would wake up twice, if the first time was fairly early in the night, or the second time was close to morning, I would just give him the pacifier instead of feeding and usually that would help him get back to sleep. That might be worth a try if you think he’s just waking out of habit. Also, I should note that although we’ve started solids, he probably has only ingested like 3 tablespoons of food total since we started earlier this week, so I don’t think that has affected anything.


      • badesjarlais says:

        Jake’s doctor’s appointment is on Monday and I plan on discussing the sleeping thing with him. I would try the pacifier thing too, but Jake doesn’t like them. He’s a thumb sucker. Also, since he’s eating 7 ounces each time, I’m wondering if he actually needs those feedings. I guess we’ll see what the doc says.


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