It’s a big week for us — today I turned 26 years old and later this week Corban turns 26 weeks old. Also known as six months!

We celebrated this morning with a towel spread out on the family room floor, me in my pajamas, Peter with the camera and Corban in the Bumbo seat ready to have his first bites of solid food. It’s been almost two months since our doctor gave us the go ahead to start feeding him purees, so I figured my birthday would be a memorable day to finally get him started (and get a few feedings in before his six-month pediatrician visit).

I’ll write more about that in a separate post, but he definitely enjoyed his homemade brown rice cereal. Or at least he loved playing with the spoon. It was really fun to watch his reaction!

Other highlights of the day included…

  • Voting in a historic recall election. Corban’s first time at the polls! (I didn’t take him when I voted in the presidential primary.)

  • Lunch at Café One24, a clean eating restaurant. (I like to use my birthday to get Peter to go with me to restaurants that he normally wouldn’t be interested in!)

I had a wild mushroom flatbread that was phenomenal. I could have eaten the crust plain and been happy, but the goat cheese, onions, mushrooms and herbs on top of it definitely didn’t hurt. Peter had a pork tenderloin sandwich that was also very good. I was excited to try the sweet potato roasted red pepper soup, but in total contrast to our entrées, it was watery and tasted like red pepper in liquid form. Not good, in my opinion. I won’t hold it against them though, since the rest of our meal was excellent, if a bit pricy for the portion sizes.

  • A bit of astronomy. This evening we headed to the Milwaukee Astronomical Society, conveniently located not too far from our house, to check out the transit of Venus through telescopes there.

Sleepy baby snuggled up patiently as we waited in line for the big papa telescope (though this picture makes him look kind of grumpy).

It was nice to spend some time outside looking through various telescopes and seeing firsthand this event that won’t come again in any of our lifetimes (unless Corban lives well into his 100s).

Through a smaller telescope around 5:30 p.m. (notice how close it is to the edge of the sun):

Through the big telescope close to 6:30 p.m. (the image is reflected differently on this telescope, but you can see how far Venus has traveled from the edge in just an hour):

All in all, a fine day on which to turn 26!

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