The Nursery: Personal touches

Since I finally got around to showing you Corban’s nursery (I was so not one of those moms who rocked peacefully in the glider of the finished nursery while anticipating the arrival of her beloved baby – our nursery was a wreck when C was born and we still don’t even have a glider), I want to share a few personal touches we added to the room. I’m not talking about DIY things – which, yes, are personal, and are in our nursery – but rather sentimental items.


My parents brought this stuffed bear to the hospital with them when they came to visit the day after Corban was born. It goes along with the book “On the Night You Were Born,” which they also gave us. It took me two weeks to work up the courage to read the book, because I knew it would make me sob in my overly emotional, hormonal, post-partum state. And sob I did. Corban has lots of stuffed animals from mine and Peter’s childhoods (and gifts) in the closet, but this bear gets a special spot because it reminds me of the night he was born.


Next to the bear sits a framed photo of Corban as a newborn surrounded by a matte signed by all the ladies at the baby shower my sister threw for me. It’s so fun to remember the anticipation we all felt that day (and the entire pregnancy) and look back on everyone’s joy and excitement. Someday maybe it will be fun for Corban to see how excited my friends and family were for his arrival (but I’m not counting on it, haha).


Our trip to Tucson last August was the last big vacation Peter and I took together before becoming parents (if you consider him tagging along with me to a journalism conference a vacation). We stayed a couple extra days to celebrate our anniversary at the resort where the conference was held and I also considered it our “babymoon.” One day we went into town to do some shopping and came upon an adorable store full of handmade and vintage items, including quite a few baby things. I wanted to get something for our baby, so I picked out this hook for the nursery. It aptly fits the decor and is useful for hanging towels to dry, but most of all I love the memory it holds.


His tiny foot at one week old. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Oh, and remember how special that photo is?


The only stuffed animal aside from the bear that gets to live out in the open at this point is a stuffed lamb that Peter’s mom gave us when Corban was born. It has lavender in it, which is supposed to be calming. When Corban was only a few weeks old I started setting the lamb in my lap while I would read to him and get him calmed down for bed, and now the lamb sits in our nursing chair at all times.


My mom gave me this little doo-dad a few years ago, and it’s been in the nursery since back when it was a guest bedroom. I love elephants. They’re my “thing.” And this little figurine I’ve loved from the start fits the nursery decor perfectly.

It’s such a comfort having little sentimental items like this around us in the nursery. If you’re a parent, what kinds of personal touches did you add to your child’s nursery?

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