The Nursery: Start to finish

This post has been a long time coming – just like Corban’s nursery!

Simply put, despite the simplicity of my nursery plans (read all about that here), I still didn’t get around to finishing it until a few months after he was born. And yes, I did almost have a mini panic attack the night Corban was born while I was driving home from work, in labor and thinking about the fact that the nursery was in shambles. But I didn’t panic, because I had bigger things to worry about in that moment. Ha.

But truly, it was fine. Corban slept in our room for the first two months and had no idea we were so ill-prepared for his arrival. I took my time putting the finishing touches on the room and it wasn’t a problem at all.

Here’s a little look at the evolution of the room.

It started as our guest bedroom, featuring a queen size bed, my dresser and nightstand from college (which I think were reincarnated – a.k.a. painted – furniture from my parents’ house), an ugly chair and a nice little bookshelf.

The walls look green in the above picture, but they’re actually light blue. Here’s another angle.

It wasn’t the most put-together room, but that’s beside the point.

Now here’s what the room looked like on October 27, after my first baby shower exploded all over it.

I know. Terrifying.

When Corban made his debut, it looked somewhere in between the above disaster and this:

In the above photo he was 7 weeks old, and we had definitely made progress, but things still weren’t quite settled.

Before he was born, we had spray painted the shelf and mirrors turquoise, bought the rug, acquired the changing table (gift from my parents, who found it on Craigslist), organized most of the baby items and haphazardly hung my beloved elephant and turtle prints.

The weekend of his birth, my sister’s fiancee set up the crib and my sister washed and organized all his newborn clothes. It became a family affair!

And by 7 weeks, we were close, but not there.

So I measured everything in the room and sketched a to-scale room arrangement in my Moleskin planner (an excellent choice for a take-anywhere planner/organizer, if you’re looking).

I know, I am a nerd. But I didn’t want to move everything around only to have it not fit or look weird.

Once everything was rearranged, it looked good, but still bare.

So I made no-sew curtains from gingham fabric that I found on sale for $1.50/yard at Walmart.

They’re thin and it’s not the nicest fabric, but it works for now. They are purely for decoration – there are blinds built into the window that block out the light well enough.

I bought the same fabric in two other colors to make a crib skirt…

… and cover a $5 lampshade, which was now over a turquoise lamp. (Tutorials to come – these were both very easy projects.)

I also made those yarn balloons I told you about last week and hung them over the crib.

My old nightstand didn’t quite look complete, so I switched out the drawer pulls to help them match the changing table. Before:


Big improvement!

I also covered the ugly chair with an old sheet from our bed. I was going to buy a real chair cover, but we plan on buying a glider (whenever we get the chance – we’re slow-moving, remember), so figured a sheet we already own is a better investment than a $60 chair cover.

Then, finally, I added a shelf over the changing table. My original plan was to hang the turquoise mirrors over the changing table, but they looked a little awkward in that spot, so now we have one in the laundry room and one both hung and propped on the shelf (don’t want to take any chances with it falling on my boy).

This whole progression was slow, and it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that all of the elements were finally in place. That’s just the way I roll, I guess. But now it’s pretty much done, and Corban has fun every day playing, feeding, changing and sleeping in there.

Let’s recap. Before, as a guest bedroom:

After, as a nursery:





And because I love progression shots, here’s during:




A few small changes can make a big difference! Thanks for bearing with the gratuitous photos and details. Although it took me longer than it probably should have, I really enjoyed putting this room together for Corban – OK, and for me!

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