Happy Mother’s Day!

This technically wasn’t my first Mother’s Day – Peter reminded me today that last year we had found out I was pregnant two days before Mother’s Day (we told our moms on Mother’s Day… awww…) – but it was the first one in which I truly felt like a mom, and it was perfect. I got to spend it outside on a beautiful day with my two loves.

After church we headed to a county park for a picnic – Peter made tuna salad sandwiches for us…

…and Corban munched on his teething ring, which he is really good at putting into his mouth (it’s the little things that impress us).

Unfortunately we forgot a blanket, so my nursing cover was the best we could do.

We hiked a few trails, which I had become very familiar with during Birkie training. They look a lot different without snow. Going downhill isn’t as much fun on foot, and unfortunately going uphill is about as hard as it is on skis when you’ve got 18 pounds strapped to your chest.

But it was a fun way to get a workout in.

Dinner was a cone from a local ice cream stand (a rarity in frozen custard country).

Dessert was leftover soup from last night. This made me realize that as much as I love dessert, I prefer to save it for after dinner. I like to end on a sweet note.

So on that note, I hope you enjoyed a great Mother’s Day, whether that meant calling your mom, hugging your kid or merely thinking of the women in your life who helped make you who you are.

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