The jogging stroller

At Corban’s four-month pediatrician visit, we got the all-clear for him to ride in the stroller the big boy way and use the jogging (er, running) stroller. Yay!

That was a few weeks ago, but finally today I got around to dusting off (literally) the InStep 5K stroller I bought for $25 on Craigslist. It needed some air in the tires, a once-over with the vacuum and some love from a wet rag.

Unfortunately, the straps are a bit worn from age so they shed scratchy black fuzz all over Corban when I tightened them around him. It also doesn’t look like the most comfortable strap situation, so I may try to cobble together a cover for the straps at some point.

The other disadvantage to this stroller over our usual stroller is the hood, which doesn’t come down quite as far, so Little C is at times exposed to a bit more sun.

The good news is this stroller is much easier to run with than our regular stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini (ironically not a jogging stroller). The larger, air-filled tires make for a smooth ride that is easy to push and steer while running.

I took it for a quick 1.5-mile jaunt just to test it out, and though I still would prefer to run sans stroller (it’s nice to be able to swing your arms!) this jogger will work for the times I want to take Corban with. After realizing how much less fun stroller running is than I anticipated, I’m glad we didn’t end up buying an expensive running stroller.

Semi-related story (not for those who are afraid of diaper talk): As I was cleaning and prepping the InSTEP, I had Corban strapped into the City Mini so he could watch me. When I finished and picked him up out of the City Mini, a huge yellow blob was revealed in the seat. Major poopsplosion! Peter and I teamed up to tackle the messiest diaper leak yet, and after a full outfit change and some stain prevention measures, Corban and I headed out for our (my) run. When we returned home, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror only to discover a yellow spot in the middle of my shirt. Yes, I ran through our neighborhood with poop on the front of my shirt! Oh, the things I never imagined about motherhood…

Hello, yellow stain (it looked bigger in person, unfortunately).

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