Parenting these days…

Last night we made it home from our first significant road trip with Corban: a 5.5-hour drive to Missouri to visit Peter’s parents and family.

On the trip down, we left close enough to Corban’s bedtime that he slept almost the entire way (and so did I).

The drive back yesterday got a bit more challenging when after four hours of snoozing and playing in his car seat, C decided he was over it and just wanted out. Not going to happen while cruising down the interstate!

He cried inconsolably for over an hour – longer than he ever has before. Corban is generally a happy baby – thankfully – so we’re not used to this kind of crying! Every time we got to a breaking point and pulled into a rest area, he would calm down immediately, but as soon as he would go back in his seat and we would hit the road, the pouty lip would return and the sobbing would start.

After trying all the singing, shushing, hand holding, toy dangling, toe grabbing, smiling, talking and even mimicking we could muster (we each took a turn in the backseat with him), I finally pulled my phone out and put on the Rockabye Baby Pandora station while holding the glowing phone in front of him.

And he stopped. And stared. And listened. At least for a few minutes.

When he started to fuss again, Peter asked if I had any apps or screensavers with moving colors to get his attention. I pulled up Angry Birds and started to play on front of him.

And with that, he quieted for good, fascinated by the bright, moving colors. It kept his attention long enough for him to pass out, probably exhausted from all the crying. When we got home, I fed him, put him in his crib and he slept straight through from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.!

I am not one to promote phone apps for 3.5-month-olds, but hey – in a situation like that, it’s whatever works!

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