Getting his hair washed with God

When I was about two and a half years old, my mom showed me a photo from my baptism and asked me what was happening in the picture. Without much hesitation I replied that I was “getting my hair washed with God.”

Well, Corban “had his hair washed with God” yesterday, and it was quite a special day for us.

He donned a tie for the occasion.

I was nervous that he would get fussy or make inappropriate gastrointestinal noises while we were in front of the congregation, but he just snoozed and then woke up and squirmed around when the water hit him.

(Photos courtesy of Elmer Sparks, who happened to have his camera while working the sound booth during the service)

He actually barely has fussed at all this entire weekend. I think he really likes being held and being around people.

Peter’s parents, my parents, my siblings and my aunt and uncle came into town for the occasion and we hosted lunch after the baptism. You know I’m out of food blogger mode – or just too distracted as a mom and hostess – because I forgot to take pictures of the food and the table setting I created. Just pics of this little guy.

After everything was cleared away and my family hit the road, I snapped this shot of the cleaned up aftermath.

I used my mix-n-match Goodwill “china” set and homemade Dollar Tree cloth napkins and placemats. The cupcakes were a hit – buttermilk chocolate with fudge frosting and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (to make 12 cupcakes I halved that cake recipe and baked for only 20 minutes. Frosting recipe/amount stayed the same).

Also on the menu was my absolute favorite pulled pork recipe, Pioneer Woman’s green beans, fresh fruit salad, my mother-in-law’s delicious rolls and my mom’s Chinese salad.

We had these verses at each place setting:

Peter picked them out — the first is from our perspective and the second is what we hope will be Corban’s perspective in the future.

The whole weekend as I thought about Corban’s baptism I was so thankful for our faith and the wonderful church God has blessed us with. Corban’s baptism isn’t a saving act, but a commitment to raise him in the covenant family with the hope and trust that he will one day believe. I loved how our pastor explained this during the service, especially since both Peter’s and my families come from different backgrounds and beliefs on the issue of baptism. Here is a nice explanation of our beliefs.

This was also a special moment because of the very meaning of Corban’s name, “a gift from God, dedicated to God,” from the Hebrew word Korban, which means “offering.”

Now we have two days to recover from the weekend’s excitement and then we’re off to Florida for a nice little vacation! More on that (hopefully) soon.

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