A fun valentine

I am a card-maker. I have been since elementary school. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve bought a greeting card since then (thank you cards are my exception since I go through so many of them).

A while back I saw this cutout for a valentine on Pinterest and fell in love, so last month in a burst of late-night energy after C fell asleep, I actually made it. (A+ for getting it done well before Valentine’s Day!)

The first step was to print out this guide (yeah, that page is in Chinese, or something). Then I put a piece of white paper over it and held it against my computer screen to lightly trace the design in pencil.

Easy part over. Now let me warn you, it is way harder than it looks to cut it out nicely! I ended up slicing a lot of it with the blade of a sharp pair of scissors rather than actually cutting.

Before you make any rash folds, like I did, study the picture and note that there are several spots where the paper will be folded. Again, not as easy as it looks!

After I glued it down to a piece of red construction paper, I just did a simple stamp design on the front.

The whole thing is not perfect, and I could probably do better now that I know how to get it right, but there’s no way I’m re-doing it now.

Still, I’m pretty excited to give it to my dear Valentine (whom I am assuming is not reading this). We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day, but I try to at least make him a card each year and write him a note.

Are you a card-maker or -buyer? I know some people love browsing the greeting card aisle, but I always get so overwhelmed! Making cards saves me that stress of picking out the perfect card.

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