Dear Corban: Six weeks

I felt the urge to write another letter to Corban today. It sums up the current state of things fairly succinctly, so here’s a glimpse at life with our big six-week-old.

Dear Corban,

As of yesterday, you are six weeks old! Time has really flown, though I’m starting to forget what life was like without you.

Every day I marvel at how big you’re getting. We think you weigh more than 10 pounds, and you feel much more substantial in my arms than you did during your first few weeks of life. You’re no longer the fragile little peanut we brought home from the hospital. You can hold your head steady and your torso is thick and sturdy – some might even say your tummy is fat! Your little chicken legs are filling out and are so squeezable.


You have a very serious expression on your face most of the time. Sometimes you look confused, and other times just contemplative. This morning I noticed your eyes staying fixed on me when I moved about around you. Sometimes you just stare at me while I hold you, as if accepting the fact that I’m you’re mom and I’m always around.

You’re a pretty chill little guy. You fuss when you’re really hungry and sometimes if we put you down when you want to be held. But mostly you sleep, eat and look around in wonder. You like to be carried around and sung to – I often sing a little improvisational tune while we bounce around the house. The lyrics change every time but the tune is the same, and dare I say you recognize it? It stops your crying sometimes. I also read to you – so far “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you Hear?” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” are the go-to books. You stare in awe at the colorful pictures. Today I tried to read you a cookbook, and you stared at those pictures contentedly until you got hungry and started to fuss. Coincidence?

You love to snuggle – others who have held you comment on this as well – and you quite easily and happily fall asleep on our chests. That’s the best 🙂

You still eat really, really slowly. Sometimes it takes an hour to feed you. This has forced me to let go of expectations for any given day. Some days we can get a lot done, and others I just sit on the couch or in bed nursing you with half hour breaks in between. There are less of those days now though, and hopefully it will continue to move in that direction.

Although sometimes I get restless, overall I do love having an excuse to spend so much time just sitting with you. Your body is so warm and cuddly, and you make the cutest faces and noises.

Speaking of noises, you’re squeaky! When you’re sleeping sometimes you make little squeaks or moans or other strange noises. It’s pretty cute.


We’ve been busy, Corban. You sure are a man about town. We go to Bible studies and church every week, where the women love to hold and cuddle you. We try to go to baby yoga classes on Thursdays, where you get massages from me and I use you as a dumbbell. We’ve been to a Christmas party and a playdate and lots of trips to Menards and Home Depot. We spent the night at your grandparents’ house in Naperville, and in February you’ll go on your first airplane ride to see your great-grandparents’ in Florida.

You sure are a sweet one, little Corban James. I’m so glad you’re mine.


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