Getting organized, one small step at a time

Time – the kind of time you have to spend without regard for the clock – has become a luxury I no longer have in my life.

It’s weird because now I have time to do things I never had time for before Corban arrived, like read on my Kindle while he nurses and take walks and runs during the day, but I can never quite relax and take my time with anything anymore.

It’s all about Corban and his needs, so when he goes down for a nap or sits contentedly in his Boppy or in Daddy’s arms, the clock starts ticking and if I want to eat breakfast I’d better do it as quickly as possible because there’s no telling when he’ll need me again (we are still on a fairly very unpredictable schedule).

My nesting instinct has kicked in majorly over the past couple weeks, which means my to-do list has multiplied in length. But I don’t have a free afternoon to tackle a big declutter like I would like to, so each item must be broken down into small, manageable tasks, otherwise there’s no guarantee Corban will give me the time to finish it.

This is actually working out really well for me. By focusing on one little thing at a time I actually accomplish some of them in a day. The other day I rearranged our kitchen counter so it doesn’t look as cluttered. Yesterday I cleaned out one shelf in our pantry. I took on a single drawer in my nightstand. I may not be able to do a sweeping reorganization of the house, but these little 15-minute tasks will add up in time.

Before Corban was born, I spent less time at home but somehow had the idea that I could tackle huge tasks around the house on a Tuesday night. I inevitably would fail and then stress out about it. This method would have been smarter then, too.

What’s one little thing you can accomplish today to help you feel more organized? Do it! (But first write it down on a list somewhere so you can check it off when you’re done. That’s the best part.)

3 thoughts on “Getting organized, one small step at a time

  1. thetortoiseruns says:

    I’m definitely a planner like that! I write down everything I want to do for every day (often a week in advance) and check it off when I’m done. Some people procrastinate to destress…. I plan. 🙂


  2. Sarah Koci Scheilz says:

    Alison, love the idea of breaking a big organization monster into small, manageable tasks to actually get something accomplished. And I definitely love the feeling of checking things off a list!


  3. Amy says:

    I actually just did a big sweeping clean of our apartment this weekend, but I am working on employing a strategy like this at the office. Every morning when I get in I take a minute to write down the big tasks that I want to do during the day–it helps me to get focused (especially on a Monday!) and I love being able to cross things off the list!


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