Parents’ night out

Last night we got all dressed up, packed the diaper bag, dropped Corban off at our friends’ house and went out to Peter’s work holiday party. Our first time going out together without him – eek!

After we dropped him off, Peter commented on how quiet the backseat was. It was a tiny bit strange not hearing his coos and little infant noises, and we found ourselves checking the backseat only to remember he wasn’t there.

I always used to hear about couples who didn’t have a night out alone without their baby until the baby was six months or a year old, and frankly, I thought they were insane. Now that we have a baby of our own I can kind of understand that a little more, but I still was excited to have an adults-only night out. We have taken him out with us quite a bit – to another Christmas party, Bible studies, church, our respective workplaces – but socializing is way more relaxed when you aren’t worrying about burps and feedings and diapers.

For the most part, I didn’t feel nervous or guilty at all. Actually, I did feel a little bit guilty for not feeling guilty, but that’s just kind of insane. Sure, I would think of his sweet little face and miss him a tiny bit, but I knew we’d see him in a few short hours. And I had full faith in our friends who were babysitting – they have four grown children, and as Peter put it, they have more parenting experience than we do. I was more worried about how Corban would treat them than how they’d treat him.

The party was really fun, as always – a nice dinner and bowling at iPic, a fancy movie theater/restaurant/bar/bowling alley complex. I look forward to it every year, and I have to admit I was bummed when the date was originally set for December and I figured I would be pregnant for it. When it was rescheduled I was selfishly glad I could partake in the open bar tab and not be a giant whale while bowling, even though it meant leaving C with friends.

But as much as I love spending every waking (and half-sleeping) moment with my baby, it was refreshing to have a break.

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