Growing up

Today is Corban’s last day in newborn size diapers. *tear!*

They still fit him fine, but he is filling them up quite a bit and we aren’t going to buy any more. Time to move up to size ones!

It’s funny to think we didn’t buy ANY newborn size diapers before he was born because we figured he’d be big enough to fit into size ones right off the bat. If that were the case I wouldn’t know what growing I was missing out on, but since he started small and is now bigger (though still small, maybe nine pounds) I am all sentimental that he’s reaching a new milestone in his diaper-wearing career.

Here he is at one week old:

He still had his fuzzy back covered in lanugo. It was so soft! But he’s since shed it. And no more sleepy, floppy newborn… now he’s five weeks old and strong enough to kick his legs up when he’s lying on his stomach:

They grow up so fast!

[that’s a yawn, by the way, not a look of agony!]

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