3 weeks old and an active Thursday

Corban is three weeks old today! I’ve loved seeing the little developments he’s made over the past three weeks.

It may not seem like much, but it’s amazing to me how he’s become more alert, looking around more and focusing on different things that we show him. For the first week or so, he would never cry except when he was hungry, but now he’ll fuss a little when he’s dirtying a diaper or if he’s just not quite comfortable. Overall, he’s still a pretty content baby.

He makes the funniest faces when he’s awake. In the blink of an eye he can go from almost smiling to completely serious or with a look of alarm on his face. When he’s really hungry he gets almost animal-like as he grunts and opens his mouth for food. When he’s done eating and content, he purses his lips and raises his eyebrows with the cutest expression on his face.

I’m looking forward to the day when his sleep patterns become a bit more predictable, specifically at night. He usually has 2 or 3 longer stretches of sleep each day (2.5 to 3.5 hours), but they tend to be in the afternoon, evening or early morning rather than at night. Between midnight and 4 a.m. he seems to want to eat every hour or more. Not fun, as you can imagine. The pediatrician said by about one month he should be settling into more of a routine and sleeping longer at night. I sure hope that actually happens.

Getting active

I have to admit, leaving the house with Corban was daunting at first, and still is to a certain extent. You have to make sure you’ve got blankets, diapers, extra clothes, etc. packed and that he’s fed and has a clean diaper, which all takes a bit of coordination.  It is so nice to get out though. Interacting with others and just seeing the outside world is key to keeping your sanity when you aren’t working.

So far we’ve been to church three times, on a couple shopping trips, to the doctor a lot (five times I think, mostly because of the jaundice in week one) and to the breastfeeding support group at the hospital twice. Today we added another destination to the list – baby yoga!

Destination Maternity in Brookfield, which offers free prenatal fitness classes, like prenatal belly dancing (which, sadly, I never had the chance to attend), also has a few postnatal classes that include baby. Baby yoga sounds ridiculous, but actually was great.

It started with introductions of moms and babies (it’s nice being around other people who are going through the same things you are), then the first part of class focused on baby massage. Baby massage is good for the baby’s physical and mental development. It builds trust and bonding between parent and child and helps build muscle strength. Essentially, you just do a few simple squeezes and touches to the arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach and head.

(Baby chaturanga, a.k.a. tummy time)

The second part of the class is yoga for mom. Some of it includes baby, and some is just mom with baby hanging out on a blanket. While it is still too early for me to do any ab exercises, I enjoyed the good stretch the class provided. Corban was alert and looking around the entire class. He didn’t fuss at all till the end, when he got hungry. During the final meditation, four out of the five babies in the class were nursing. I guess baby yoga works up an appetite!

This afternoon when I realized it was 43 degrees outside and sunny, I decided to take Corban out for his first walk. He got all bundled up, which made him actually big enough to fit comfortably in the Baby Bjorn, and we hit the road.

(It’s like Ralphie’s brother in “A Christmas Story”)

We walked two miles in 37 minutes along my usual neighborhood route. Corban stayed cozy and napped the entire time, making a few noises here and there. I felt great, though carrying a baby – however small – on you while walking does add to the existing challenge of having very little endurance to begin with. It’s possible I might even be sore tomorrow from this little jaunt! I am eager to get back into shape, but I know I need to take it slow. That means walking to start and slowly building up to running farther and farther.

Coming soon

I am working on writing Corban’s birth story, and have so much more to share about these first few weeks. It’s hard spending time on the computer when you’ve got a sweet little face to kiss and cuddle all day, but I promise there are some good updates to come.

2 thoughts on “3 weeks old and an active Thursday

  1. La. says:

    I’m looking forward to your birth story! Wild! I’m at your blog from your comment on Fitnessista! Sunny side up babies! Your little guy is so cute! And you look fantastic!


    • Alison says:

      Thanks for the comment, and birth story will be up in the next day or two! I honestly didn’t know sunny side up was bad until reading fitnessista. I guess that’s a good thing because I probably would have worried unnecessarily.


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