Baby’s first Christmas ornament

Quite a while ago, I came across an easy-looking DIY baby’s first Christmas ornament on Pinterest.

[Side note: I’ve been a Pinterest junkie recently thanks to the Pinterest iPhone app and the necessity to stay awake while breastfeeding at night, so follow me and pin away, dear friends, so I have lots of new pins to stare at at 2 a.m.]

Anyway, the first Christmas ornament… I repinned it and filed it in the back of my brain as something that would be fun to do next Christmas, since our baby wasn’t likely to arrive until after Christmas this year.

Well, Corban had other plans, and luckily he made his debut early enough that I actually had time to make this little ornament with him and hang it on our tree.

[I also later added a tiny 2011 in white puffy paint along the side of the handprint.]

I made two more for both sets of grandparents and plan to keep the tradition up for our future babies too.

I also should note that I ended up making a total of five ornaments to get three decent handprints. Newborns do not like to spread their fingers and gently place them on a glass ball. They’re much more comfortable clawing at it. Thankfully the ornaments came in a pack of eight!

Here’s what you need to make your own:

  • Embossing ink (looks like a regular stamp pad – I bought mine at Michael’s)
  • Embossing powder
  • Glass ball ornament
  • Q-tips
  • A heat source like an embossing gun if you have one, or a toaster if you don’t (hair dryer is not hot enough)
  • Ribbon

Just ink your baby’s hand up (it helps to have two people – one holding the baby and keeping the inky hand away from his mouth and another working on the ornament) and attempt to get a clean print on the ornament. Could take a few tries if your babe is only a week or two old! Hold the ornament over a large sheet of paper or opened file folder and sprinkle the embossing powder over the handprint (you can save the excess powder that falls off – hence the sheet of paper or file folder to make it easier to pour back into the jar).

Clean up the handprint using Q-tips. Mine needed lots of clean up to make them look like normal hands. Then, if using a toaster as your heat source, turn it on its highest setting and hold the ornament about 1 inch over the top of the toaster, rotating to evenly emboss the entire print. Heat it just until the powder becomes raised and shiny – it only takes a minute or two total. Once it’s cooled, tie a pretty ribbon to the top of the ornament so it can hang on the tree. Add the year or the child’s name using fabric paint if you wish.

Sorry I didn’t write about this before Christmas, but I wanted to keep the gift a surprise for our parents. And, okay, I didn’t quite find the time to blog before the holiday. File it away for next year, though!

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