Merry Christmas!

Wow, do we feel like we got the best early Christmas gift this year!

We’ve enjoyed a relaxing weekend with Peter’s parents and brother Eli at our house. This is our first Christmas at home in Wisconsin, and while it feels a little strange, it also seems a fitting year for the change. My family is coming to visit tomorrow, so we actually won’t be traveling at all.

Having a newborn at Christmas has given me a new perspective that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. Listening to the lyrics of “Mary Did You Know?” sung beautifully at our church’s Christmas Eve service and looking down at my little infant made Jesus’ birth seem more real and relatable than ever. It hit me just how vulnerable our savior made himself. I heard “When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God,” and “The sleeping child you’re holding, He is the Great, I Am,” and thought about my tiny little baby. Jesus was just like him, crying for food and comfort, and completely dependent on his parents for everything. Wow.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed as happy and meaningful a Christmas as I have!

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