Christmas card ribbons

The days at home are unpredictable right now. Sometimes Little C wants to take a nice, long two- or three-hour nap, and other times he wants to nurse constantly (or so it seems), smacking his lips only 30 minutes after he last ate.

I think he’s going through his first growth spurt!

But thanks to all my mom’s help last week, the house has been pretty clean and organized, our fridge is well-stocked with snacks and easy-to-prep meals, and occasionally I find myself with a tiny bit of free time to do something like blog, or order last-minute Christmas gifts online, or this:

We are a family of piles. Piles of mail. Piles of coupons. Piles of photos, old papers, magazines and, this time of year, Christmas cards. I am so sick of piles.

To combat this, I usually dip into the Christmas card pile and hang the photo cards and a couple of the prettiest ones on our fridge. Honestly, it looks pretty sloppy.

So when I saw the idea for card ribbons in the comments section of this blog post from The Bookworm Wife, I thought, hey! I should do that!

I say that a lot, but this is one of those projects that is so easy I actually did it.

All you do is fold a bit of the ribbon over the top of the cabinet door, secure it with painters tape and paperclip your Christmas cards to the ribbon. I used colorful paper clips and a few tiny clothespins I happened to have had in my desk drawer since junior high, I’m pretty sure. I also taped the second from bottom card to the cabinet just to keep the whole thing from flying around when the doors are opened. I think the whole thing would look better with a nice thick red ribbon, but silver is what I had on hand.

So there you go. No more pile of cards, and instead a festive addition to the kitchen.

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