1 week postpartum

I have to admit, I did not expect to feel this good one week after having a baby.

For the first couple days, it was painful to sit or move from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, sitting to lying down, etc. I needed help out of chairs and I had to walk really slowly down the long hall to the NICU to see Corban during that first day.

The nurses kept offering me pain meds (nothing crazy, just Motrin or Tylenol), but I never felt like I really needed it. It was more discomfort than pain. I just had to take it slow.

Anyway, by Sunday I was feeling pretty good and started doing a few things around the house. I carried folding chairs and a few other things into the basement. On Monday, I carried Corban in his car seat into the doctor’s office (it’s surprisingly heavy and kind of awkward to carry). But by Monday afternoon, I was feeling a bit sore and worn out again. Then I read my discharge orders, which said not to lift anything heavier than your baby (6 pounds?? Come on!) and to do absolutely nothing but care for yourself and the baby.

Thankfully, my mom was here to do everything else around the house.

So the past few days I’ve been trying to balance resting with getting things done. I do notice that after a lot of walking around the house, or doing much of anything, I’ll feel sore in my lower abs and pelvis and have trouble walking comfortably. I feel like I have so much to do, but really, most of it can wait. I’m just incredibly glad we got almost all our Christmas shopping done the weekend before Little C’s arrival!

I probably can’t skip mentioning the weight loss side of things, even though I might be hated here in a minute…

I am completely shocked by how quickly my body has changed. If gaining 24 pounds over the course of 5-6ish months seemed extreme, losing it in less than a week is even crazier. The day we got home from the hospital I was 9 pounds from my starting weight, but within another 2 days I actually weighed about 3-4 pounds less than my starting weight. Never in a million years did I expect that. Before you start throwing things at me, I think the reason for this is because I went into pregnancy with a decent amount of muscle (thank you, Body Pump), and now I have pretty much none.

Though my weight is back to normal(ish) – and I am really happy about that – I still don’t look the same. My calves are strangely small and lacking muscle (getting back into running is going to be tough, I can tell) and the skin on my stomach is kind of loose. My belly button looks funny because it had been so stretched out.

The one thing I am a little concerned about is my ring finger – I still can’t get my engagement or wedding rings off. But I am really happy to report that my ridiculously swollen ankles and feet are back to normal (I had forgotten what normal sized ankles look like).

Seriously… before and after feet photos (sorry if this disgusts you):

It is sooo nice not feeling like I’m walking on sausages or bursting water balloons.

So that’s my body one week after giving birth. Still recovering, but feeling good.

4 thoughts on “1 week postpartum

  1. litzy says:

    holy moly girl! you look tinier than your starting pic! crazy. i bet you didn’t even get stretch marks either, you lucky thing. i’m terrified of that! starting out at 95 lbs, i’m pretty sure i’ll get a LOT of those with all that stretching of the skin that will be required….eeek! i think maybe you should just have my babies for me….!


  2. Jessica says:

    Haha…I totally agree with the “sausage feet” dislike. Mine were the same way and I am pretty sure I dis a happy dance the day the looked normal again! Love your blog. 🙂 Congrats again, he is beautiful.


  3. sarah (the SHU box) says:

    i have to admit my mom claimed she lost all 27 lbs of pregnancy weight in a week and i didn’t believe her . . .but now i guess maybe it was true!!! NOT expecting this to happen to me but that is amazing. and oh my god that pedal edema . . IMPRESSIVE. must feel great to be gone!


    • Alison says:

      That’s a good sign that your mom lost weight quickly – I think a lot of things like this (stretch marks, for instance) are hereditary. Could be wrong, but it’s hopeful at least!


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