Non-cheesy maternity photos

Almost all of the maternity photos that I’ve seen have had one thing in common: They are SO cheesy.

Husbands kissing stomachs, couples both baring bare bellies, huge bows tied around waists… maximum cheese. There are some hilariously bad ones out there (thank you, Pregnant Chicken, for compiling this roundup.)

I do think this is a really fun time to get professional photos taken, though. As uncomfortable as my protruding stomach might make me feel right now, I want to remember how I look at this stage and capture our excitement and joy as we anticipate our baby’s arrival. As long as they weren’t ridiculously posed, I wanted to have some professional photos taken for that reason.

We’re fortunate enough to have a friend, Anna Sparks, who is studying photography in college and already launching her career, so choosing a photographer was easy. It also made me feel better spending the money on photos – knowing it was supporting a friend.

So yesterday we tromped around by Lake Michigan, a park in Grafton and downtown Cedarburg for some chilly pics (though it was one of the warmer days of late). A lot of the time, it felt like we were taking engagement photos, only with my stomach being an extra prop.

Anna was kind enough to send a few “preview” shots to keep me satiated while she studies for finals. So without further ado, here’s a preview of our shoot yesterday.

There’s one more that I added to yesterday’s post and the belly pics page.

I’m loving all the shots so far and can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks, Anna!

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