My first contraction

Er… maybe this post should be titled “My first contraction (I think).” I still am a little bit confused as to what a contraction actually feels like.

But let’s talk about that (possibly) first one.

Two weeks ago, Peter and I were discussing what needed to be done house-wise that weekend. His top priority: painting doors for the basement. My top priority: the nursery! Specifically, moving the guest bed out of the nursery so I could finally start arranging and organizing things.

Peter thought moving the bed should wait until the basement is done so we could move it straight down there. I thought (knew) the baby would be here before the basement was done. He thought that didn’t matter and we could finish the nursery after the baby arrives (he/she will sleep in our room at first).

And eventually it turned into an emotional (on my part) and heated argument that involved me telling (yelling at) him that stress causes preterm labor and not finishing setting up the nursery soon would bring me lots of stress and you don’t want the baby to be born premature, do you???

And then, as I stormed off to get a glass of water, I felt it. At exactly the perfect moment I needed to make my point. My abs involuntarily flexed and my stomach felt tight and hard.

“Peter…” I called. “I think I’m having a contraction.”

It didn’t hurt. And of course I knew if it were indeed a contraction, it was harmless. But it was just so perfect!

“Do you see what the stress of this argument is doing to me?! I’m having my first contraction! We NEED to move the bed this weekend.”

The End.


We did move the bed that weekend. I don’t think it had anything to do with my unstable emotional state and questionable persuasive skills from the incident described above. But ever since the bed made its exit I’ve felt much more calm and relaxed.

2 thoughts on “My first contraction

  1. Laura H says:

    Thanks for writing! I’m a mother of 2 young children. My babies were due / born during Spring. Let’s just say that I INSISTED on stocking up on dipes/wipes & the nurseries completed by January. It’s true: do whatever you can possibly manage pre-baby 😉


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