Cats vs. babies

There’s actually a show called “Puppies vs. Babies” that pits viral videos of animals against viral videos of babies. I think I tend to like cute animal videos a bit better.

But let’s talk about real life. Peter and I have always kind of laughed about people who treat their pets like their children – or worse, who have pets (who they treat as children) instead of having children, and act like it’s the same thing.

No, no, no. Animals do not equal humans.

But when you have two adorable, loving kitties and no (outside-the-womb) children, it’s easy to turn into those very people we laugh about.

Happy 2nd birthday, Biggles and Basil!

(Despite their positioning in this photo, Biggles is the boy and Basil is the girl.)

I’m not entirely proud that we celebrated their birthday (we didn’t do anything last year), but we just happened to have two cupcakes left over from my Zeta baby shower (this was Nov. 15) so it was fun to attempt to get them together for a photo opportunity. Not exactly easy (Basil was scared of the flame at first). Then we ate cupcakes and they ate cat treats.

I must admit, though… at this point, still not knowing the full extend of a parent’s love for a child, I do feel like I love these two little cats like children. They’re our babies. They do the cutest things. They snuggle up with us and pur themselves to sleep. They know our voices and come out to greet us when we get home. I talk to them just like I would talk to an infant (this is probably good practice) and, yes, I refer to Peter as “Daddy” when I talk to them. (I’ve also been enjoying 8 months off from litter box duty and am probably feeling more maternal than I ever have before, so I guess you can take that into account before you think I’m a complete crazy cat lady.)

But I am most positive that the second our baby enters the world, Biggles and Basil will return to cat status in the Sherwood house. I’ll still love them and snuggle them and think they’re adorable furballs, but I have a feeling it might feel weird to pretend Peter is their dad. Once you’re a real dad, I’m guessing that title becomes a bit harder to just hand out willy nilly.

In the meantime, cats + baby stuff is just the sweetest.

One thought on “Cats vs. babies

  1. Nancy Stohs says:

    Very cute. My first husband and I had a feline “practice child,” too, and my daughter the mama had and still has two cats. You’re right — not the same. But now as empty nesters we have two dogs and, yup, I’m “mama” and my husband is “daddy.” 🙂

    I’m impressed that you got them to pose with the cupcakes!


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