35 weeks and a baby shower

Months ago I looked at Thanksgiving weekend on the calendar, saw that I would be 35 weeks pregnant at that point and worried that I’d go into labor while traveling to Missouri to visit Peter’s family. Or that the baby would already be here.

But we made it!

Phew. (Though I did bring along the hospital bag I started packing last week… just in case.)

Pregnancy is definitely no longer comfortable. Sitting, lying down, standing… after a few minutes, doing any of the above makes me sore.

If I’m sitting in a certain position, sometimes I think I can see a head – or a butt – on my left side. I actually hope it’s the latter, because otherwise it means the baby is breach. My right side continues to take the brunt of the discomfort, so you’ll often find me stretching my right arm up or attempting to elongate my right side to make more room.

I’ve also started getting cramps, which I’m pretty sure are contractions. They aren’t regular or even very often, but I’m not really enjoying them.

But other than the constant torso discomfort, I actually feel pretty good. I’m excited, and relatively calm despite still not being quite ready on several fronts. The earlier symptoms like nasal congestion and itchy eyes have gone away. I’ve been drinking tons of fluids, and I think that’s helped my foot/ankle swelling.


But back to this weekend, we spent Thanksgiving Day with my family. It was really great to see my cousin and her adorable one-year-old, swap pregnancy stories and get the scoop on what labor and the first few months of life with a baby are like.

They sound absolutely exhausting. But I’m still excited.

Friday we drove to Peter’s hometown to visit his fam, and because his mom was hosting a…

Baby Shower

We have been blessed with several wonderful baby showers so far (and another couple more to come). This one featured this beauty:

My sister-in-law, Jenny, made this dashing diaper cake. It survived the trip home in one piece and I kind of don’t ever want to take it apart.

The real cake was a winner too.

We also played a few games, like seeing whose water would break (melt) first.

And matching up candy bar names with pregnancy/baby terms.

(Won’t think of Milky Ways the same anymore…)

Lots of fun with Peter’s relatives, and lots of lovely baby gifts.

I should also mention that I got lots of encouragement from Peter’s mom and cousin that childbirth without an epidural or other painkillers is totally doable. They both did it 3 times sans meds nor regrets. I’m still leaving my options open, but it was good to get their experienced perspectives.

Again, we feel so very blessed by all the love and support around us during this time! It’s been so much fun to share our excitement with our friends and family. We certainly had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

One thought on “35 weeks and a baby shower

  1. Jane Weinstock says:

    You look so great Alison! And I just have to say thank you for taking us on your pregnancy journey, I look forward to reading your updates and wish you the very best as you near the end and get to meet your precious baby…… 🙂


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