34 weeks

Six weeks till my due date! Whoa.

Belly is really out there! But deceptive from the front, eh?

I think it’s official as of this week: pregnancy is getting uncomfortable.

I had to have Peter help me put on – and remove – my knit boots the other day because I couldn’t balance to put them on while standing up and I couldn’t comfortably reach my feet while sitting down.

I’ve somehow avoided being a crazy pillow monster at night up until this past week. But comfortable sleep is getting more challenging, so I now put one pillow kind of under/beside my belly and one either under or in between my feet/legs. I also have to kind of lean on Peter sometimes… he’s my human pillow.

Getting out of bed is a whole challenge in itself. It involves mental preparation, then physical repositioning and a surge of energy to get into a sitting position. Next comes repositioning of the legs and special attention to stability as I step out of bed. I never thought such a simple task would be so taxing!

There must be a hand or foot or something that likes hanging out right under the right side of my ribcage. If I sit in a certain position, it burns, like heartburn but in my ribs. Lifting my right arm over my head helps stretch it out. That’s probably been my most uncomfortable pregnancy side effect so far.

But despite the discomfort, I am honestly still really enjoying being pregnant. The aches and pains all seems so minor when I think about holding our baby and growing our family. And we’re close enough to the end now that I’ve been thinking a lot more about that part of pregnancy – you know, the end result that changes your life forever.

While it still does seem distant and surreal – I don’t think the fact that I have a baby will really hit me until he/she is in my arms, or maybe not even till I have my first day or night with an inconsolably crying child – it is starting to sink in little by little. We finally moved the guest bed out of the nursery and moved the dresser/changing table in. That makes it seem a lot more real. I went through a lot of the baby clothes and other items yesterday with my mom. Again, things are getting real. And in a few minutes Peter and I are going to Target to buy some items for my “hospital bag.” Um, yikes! It’s already almost time to have that ready to go.

Some blog posts to come:

  • Nursery update, with photos
  • Basement update – yeah, it’s in the process of becoming a finished basement and I’ve been meaning to share some progress photos
  • Cats vs. babies
  • My first Braxton-Hicks contraction

And tomorrow is my (our – if I can convince Peter to come) breastfeeding class at the hospital. This weekend we’ll be driving to northeast Missouri for the Sherwood side baby shower. So there will be lots to write about, if I can find the time!

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